hello single digits

Posted by Teen Bean

Ahhh something about moving countries and planning a wedding just gets in the way of my 'blogging time'. It has been an amazing and different journey that is for sure. To some extent it doesn't quite feel real yet. I am still living out of my suit cases and every three to four day I am moving from one place to the next.

You would think with all this time on my hands I would be getting a bit bored, but its stupid-crazy how one little list of wedding errands can become a Mount Everest of list in just a few moments. Its always a challenge to when normal privileges you are used to are brutally taken away... like the ease and freedom to jump in a car and drive (I'm cursing myself right now for reaching the ripe old age of 27 and still not knowing how to drive a manual car... epic fail on my part!).

However, something that constantly adds joy to my day is the few times I get to prep my new little flat for life with my Stevie. I really just love getting things that are going to make our place just nice to live in... I think i might be domesticating myself (well at least I thought that until the other day when I tried to make some toast and burnt it so bad our flat smelled like sulfur for three days!)

All in all I just want to be married. Steve's little sister Hannah has pretty much given up her life to be my little wedding planning assistant. Every day we have run around doing errands, making signs, planning games, crossing off lists. She always stays positive and the few times that I have wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry she has been the person that just keeps me laughing and full of warm tea.

England is different then America. There are certain things I just am used to being able to have that are harder to come by here... But in the same breath England has some pretty amazing things that are just uber hard to come by in America (I'm loving the gluttony of beans on toast, amazing cookies, and endless pasties!)

My family arrives in just three more days. I COULDN'T BE MORE PLEASED! I've missed them dearly and can't wait to have hugs with them, late night conversations, and adventures exploring my new hometown of Colchester. I mostly can't wait to have them there on my wedding day, praying over me, giving me hugs, and supporting me as I vow my love and my life to Steve Lawton, the best man I have ever met!

I'm looking into possibly finding a way to live feed the wedding on some crazy website... i will post it via my twitter, blog, and fb if i find something that is easy and assessable. Until then just know the wedding prep and planning is color-ishis, crazy-lushous, and glitter-ific!