Skillshare #1

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Keeping Chickens in the City... aka Urban livstocking!

the benefits include: social animal, little friends, an egg a day, chicken (tho i don't recommend this! kill your pet! but at least you know it was raised healthy!), poop good for garden, helps the environment, teaches responsibility.

the drawback: you have to buy feed (and then feed then feed them daily), they might eat other garden plants, you need a fenced in area/yard/coop, you have to pick up/move poop...

other then this its a pretty good idea and a skill worthy of having... now to talk matt stewart into leading a chicken raising skillshare!!!!!!! i am a looking at his face right now... DO IT!!

40 days to collect 40 skills of 40 incredible people?

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I am trying to understand what people consider skills? My church is talking about making a regular space where people can come and share their skills with others. I feel like most are eager for this space, yet when I ask people "what skill do you have? what will you do?" most people get oddly quiet and even distant. As if they are scared to either A) say what they are skilled at or B) are petrified to actually use their skill in front of others.

Why is this? I realized within 20 min of talking with people... trying to get them to share their skills with me... that I am going to have to be a collector of skills, so that in a moment I can get people to realize they have skills and then in a diverse and unique way encourage them to use their skills for the benefit, of not just themselves, but others...

i love it... us all bringing what we are good at or what we know together to try and help each other live life more fully and productively! skillshare! what a great idea!

If your community was going to put together a skillshare what would people have to offer?

Can I collect your skill, tell others about it, and hopefully inspire others to use their skills to help others grow?

don't be offended if i harass you over the next couple of days as I try and post 40 skills that ultimately will help people live life not just better individually but better collectively in an effort to love God, care for the earth, love others, and take the gospels to the nation...

in other words just another way to try and redefine my love for building community!

ask the owl!

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world smallest post!

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ran across this the other day and loved the creative energy it brings... i just love mini things!!

check it out... you wont be disappointed!

pretty vs messy bride?

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The days move me closer and closer to my wedding day. Like any girl, I find this one of the most exciting most anticipated days of my life. However as the days move closer and closer and I spend more and more time trying to organize the day that is suppose to be "the most memorable day of my life"... I started subconsciously taking on all these weird pressures that I haven't let bother me in years.

It was weird how I started marking beauty more by the style of my dress, the size of my body, and the awareness of name brand accessories. I started comparing myself more then I have in years to what the world says is pretty. This planted and nurtured a panic state of fear that like grew like Seymour's Venus fly trap and started to swallow my sense of sanity and contentment.

All climaxed yesterday when I felt so unpretty and un "ready" to be that beautiful bride that I ran out in a panic to see if I could fix myself. The horrible feeling at the end of that day was that nothing in the greater Seattle downtown could fix what the world was telling me was wrong with me in one day. I came back feeling more scared and let down then ever.
Today, Steve shared with me a poem that he wrote... It beautify reminded me about how our fear of fitting in is the biggest inhibitor to reaching the hopes we dream of. Smack dab in the middle of his poem Steve writes about God's love for us... that we are beautiful despite what the world says we have to be, what size or shape we should be, what clothes we wear, or how socially acceptable we are... that Christ loved us first because to him we are beautifully and wonderfully made...

I cried. Like the big, over-stressed, manic, crazy girl I am. And it felt good. From God's heart, to Steve's lips, to my head! I so needed to hear that. So in the battle to be what the world says is pretty vs. what I feel is me ... I think I am finding myself more and more ready to "trash the dress" and be the messy, manic, normal, crazy ME

try this new cheese

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In the obscene amount of new free time I have post grad school, I find myself not liking being at home alone. Last Sunday, as I found myself in this exact situation, I took the advice of one of my roomies and headed down town Seattle for the "6th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival". It was raining and cold, but the temptation of unlimited cheese samples was unstoppable. Rating this festival out of 5 stars, I give a full brightly shining & flashing 5 Stars! There was a variety of cheese vendors, as well as bread and other dairy products. The samples were huge by all standards and, despite the dreary weather, everyone was more then happy to be hanging out in Pike Place market.
Highlights of the day included:

#1 Wearing my favorite pink boots (which perfectly match my pink umbrella!)
#2 Visiting Pike Place Market (NO! the rain did not stop me!)

#3 Learning how to make my own mozzarella cheese ball!

#4 Standing in as long of line as I have to get more Blue Cheese, which I learned I love no matter what!

#5 Falling in love with this festivals huge "sample" size of cheese! YUM!

#6 Best kept secret of this years festival: Coconut Cheese... the best tasting cheese EVER!

Long Live Cheese!

if this was step two... what would be your step one: ?

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Why is singing worship hospitality?

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Being obsessive about being different can have its ups and downs. Sometimes I get so carried away with trying not to "be like everyone else" that I actually end up doing things i don't like all for the sake of being different. I think singing out my worship to Jesus is one of the things I let go in an attempt to be "emergent/different/or raw". Granted, looking back at the time I let this go, it was a good thing because I grew up in an environment where the definition of worship was singing (and mostly singing Petra songs or a classic hymns)... but lately I have found myself "secretively" buy and listening to worship music (shhhhh and I love it).

One of my favorite books on hospitality is called "Untamed Hospitality". The author Elizabeth Newman doest this incredible job of reminding me why sung worship is so needed. She walked me through the authentic practice of hospitality as she explained sung worship allows people space to be active in their divine relationship, to pray, to submit to others in their community, to be invitational in voice to God and those around them... it was beautiful.

Sometimes I forget how powerful the voice and spoken word is, especially when spoken words are paired with action... its an unstoppable existence. I want my worship to be present in these times and unstoppable, and so I sing my worship and in so doing I dynamically incorporate the gift hospitality by encouraging people to be involved, to pray, to submit, to be real in their relationships.

"One who sings prays twice" ~ ancient proverb (attributed to St. Augustine)

pie is the new cupcake

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Reporting from the west coast of Seattle... the word is out... pie is the new cupcakes. You know all those fancy parties, or "super cute weddings" or to die for baby showers that have the most amazing and unique dessert display of cupcakes.... all those time when we used to all go "oooo and ahhhh" over the creative and unusual idea of substituting cupcakes for the ordinary celebratory cake. ahh the days when that was the "most creative" idea....
but that was so 2000...
What are we suppose to do now? What if I throw a party? What are the 'new' options? Well in the city of Seattle the pie battle is in full swing... In a city dominated by "cutie cupcake shop", its safe to say vintage pie is back! And I am not going to lie... It is awesome...
I went to a few of different of these vintage pie shops... full with 'soda fountains, high stool chairs, and 50s aprons'... sooo pretty. I'm not going to lie some pie shops do "pie" better then others. I'm a crust girl all the way!! But one of my favorites is this one pie shop that does mini pies and little hand held pies. They are sooo absolutely cute I just can't get over what a good idea it is to eat little mini pies while basking in the joy of some purposeful (or non purposeful) celebration!

So the next time you have to throw a party or plan a dessertie table... don't let the boring cupcakes get you down... try pie! Its awesome!

starting an intentional community

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I met up the other day with a particularly bubbly, yet controlled young lady. She heard about my thesis on intentional prayer communities and wanted to "pick my brain" about her passion for community. We scheduled our meet up at the local CO-OP deli (it can't hurt to care for the environment a little as you talk about holistic community). After spending much to much time debating weather i wanted a lush looking Greek salad or a unique looking BBQ tofu sandwich, I sat down opposite this passionate soul and began a conversation that stirred my heart in that familiar way that whispers "God is in this".

She explained how she had spent a season in prayer about started an intentional community and was exploring the possibility of starting a community in the same neighborhood I have been living and doing "community" for the last year. Her eagerness was so raw it was like a static electric shock, with an unexpected jolt to my soul included.

We started out the best way any two people can by thanking Jesus for our food, inviting him into our conversation, and then telling our stories of falling in love with... or as the stories ringed more true, how we were hijacked by Jesus. She explained an uncontrollable awareness and desire to be more and I shared the begins of my random, but purposeful community journey.

We shared about family, friends, and our passionate love for God.

My heart laughed when she pulled out a notebook and asked if she could take notes on what I was saying. I wanted to stop her, but instead of telling her to put her book away I started explaining to her that any intentional community first had to come from a pure desire to love Jesus. It can't be done for people, for justice, or even the sake of community... it had to simply and completely be shaped and centered around our savior Jesus.

I explained the importance of starting a community with as clean of a slate as you can. To let all expectation go and let God simply blow your mind... I told her to be ready to be disappointed beyond all measure and equally to be encourage beyond all belief.

We chatted then about how important space is. To not get to carried away with forming a perfect model or structure of what "our community" is going to do for God, but simply to lay our whole self ... the nasty and broken bits as well as the good and passionate bits all down at the feet of Jesus and simply say.. "I am yours use me". I warned her how hard this was and how God might use this time to call their community to serve in ways they never thought they would... possibly in ways they don't even like... but how a radical sacrifice would simply be the beginning birth pains of dreams being born.

I told her about rhythms... I even quoted my good friend Katy Smith from "Colchester Boiler Room" and her warning to plan activities that were life giving and not life sucking. I cautioned her to not confuse the word rhythms with the word frequency but to remember that a rhythm just means consistency at whatever capacity a community can handle. Community isn't about a dogma, its about freedom, joy, and life... rhythms that breathe deeper relationships.

We ended our conversation as she finished her split pea soup and I took my last munch of Greek salad. We spoke about where they were in the process of starting the community and she said they were in the process of looking for a community house. I invited her and her potential community partner to come around for dinner and prayer and to potentially look at moving into our place. Her face spoke a million times over her excitement about moving into a place where God had been intentionally invited and pursued. And then, in the cool sun of a Seattle May afternoon she scooted off to another meeting and I wandering around the CO-OP trying to find affordable deals on ethical food.

Later that night as I sat in the community house "Love Sack" an overwhelming rush of humble thanksgiving poured over me. Two years ago I arrived in Seattle. A little lost, a lot scared, and desperate to further God's kingdom now. The majority of my time here, if you stopped and asked me if I was "there" ... if I had made it to that place I dreamed of being... I would have either laughed or teared up as I constantly felt like I was lacking, falling short, and failing God.

Time after time, God would come through for me in ways that even now bring tears to my eyes. My prayer from the very beginning was to somehow, one day, help Christ-centered community form in the Seattle area. For the last two years I have tried so many times with my power alone to do that... and have failed horribly... Just this very week I was questioning why God had moved me into a community, who's presents and being has had seemingly very little impact for God's Kingdom. Save for the random prayer nights for our community, simple (and maybe even awkward) introductions to neighbors, and a tacky prayer wall in our living room, our community hadn't done much.

I remember when we moved in to this neighborhood really feeling like it was never going to be the same... like these neighbors, these streets, this place was going to experience the love of Jesus like they never had before. If I am honest, I don't feel like our community did very much to show our neighbors the radical love of Jesus. However, as I considered the handiwork of God I realized, yet again, how what I am involved in is bigger then me. With a little bit of confidence I realized I seriously did give my all to God while I was here... and though it might not be as radical as some "intentional communities" are these day it made a difference.

As I sat there in my community's small living room, God encouraged me with an image of a great field that was rich with potential for producing a mighty harvest... he then was gracious enough to show me that my place in that picture was in the season that was preparing the field... I might not see the harvest, but I think today, as I sat in the overly earthy CO-OP, I met one of the mighty harvesters to be... how my prayer have started to take shape before my very eyes.

23-26Listen to me now.
Give me your closest attention.
Do farmers plow and plow and do nothing but plow?
Or harrow and harrow and do nothing but harrow?
After they've prepared the ground, don't they plant?
Don't they scatter dill and spread cumin,
Plant wheat and barley in the fields
and raspberries along the borders?
They know exactly what to do and when to do it.
Their God is their teacher.

-Isaiah 28: 23-26