40 days to collect 40 skills of 40 incredible people?

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I am trying to understand what people consider skills? My church is talking about making a regular space where people can come and share their skills with others. I feel like most are eager for this space, yet when I ask people "what skill do you have? what will you do?" most people get oddly quiet and even distant. As if they are scared to either A) say what they are skilled at or B) are petrified to actually use their skill in front of others.

Why is this? I realized within 20 min of talking with people... trying to get them to share their skills with me... that I am going to have to be a collector of skills, so that in a moment I can get people to realize they have skills and then in a diverse and unique way encourage them to use their skills for the benefit, of not just themselves, but others...

i love it... us all bringing what we are good at or what we know together to try and help each other live life more fully and productively! skillshare! what a great idea!

If your community was going to put together a skillshare what would people have to offer?

Can I collect your skill, tell others about it, and hopefully inspire others to use their skills to help others grow?

don't be offended if i harass you over the next couple of days as I try and post 40 skills that ultimately will help people live life not just better individually but better collectively in an effort to love God, care for the earth, love others, and take the gospels to the nation...

in other words just another way to try and redefine my love for building community!

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