Job Opportunity in Colchester!

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In a world where jobs are hard to find and people are wondering how they will find purpose and meaning I am here to tell you the community I am a part of is in need of workers.

We need teachers, videographers, event coordinators, youth workers, housing support workers, young dad mentors. footballers, graphic artist, dreamers, nurses, financial advisers, community developers, police officers, play specialists, musicians, politicians, cheese makers, theologians, mentors, girls club facilitators, includers, students, photographers, carpenters, moms, agriculturalist, fitness trainers, social media experts, trainers, advertising agent, shop assistants, information officers, electricians administration, natural conservators, activators, journalist, restaurant managers, encouragers, engineers.... and so many more!

Do you see yourself in this? Want to get involved in a body of Christ where you are really NEEDED? you are welcome and needed here in Colchester... and if you ever felt like you weren't I am here to say you are needed, valued and essential! God is doing a good work in Colchester and you can be a part of that.

If you ever wanted to be a part of a christ-centerd community where prayer and action go hand in hand and where hard work is anticipated and enjoyed... then I invite you to come join us in the amazing work God is doing in Colchester essex...

There are load of Job Opportunities here. Do you have the guts to apply?

message me and I will let you know how you can get involved!