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i think this Christmas is one that has me remembering what my journey has been like. I know my life journey prolly pales in comparison to what Mary and Joseph went through when they headed off to bethlehem on that first Christmas. but as i fast-forward to this modern day Christmas I have to give a little chuckle that even today we mark the Christmas season as one where many people pack their bags and head out on a journey...

it just makes me reflect on the places i've been, who i've met, the people i have fallen in love with. Christmas time is such a good time for me to start reflecting on what the year has been to me. I think back to last time this year... I was an anxious, stressed out girl waiting for this boy, Steve Lawton, to travel near 5,000 miles for us to be together for the first time ever as a couple. I was so nervous i didn't eat for weeks (and for people that know me that is RIDICULOUS!).

i laugh now because that moment seems like ages ago, and yet at the same time, just yesterday.

I am actually blown away by how much I have learned over this last year. Grad school has a way of stretching me with out me really recognizing it... looking back and remembering how inflexible i was, actually makes me shake my head in amazement. I've done so much growing and have so much more to do.

It been such a good year. lessons learned, cars towed, friends made, battles won, roomies teased, tears shed, wine drank, hearts broken, games played, friends t.p.'d, fiances kissed good bye... & hello, families met, weddings planned, churches found, prayer rooms prayed in, studying done, grades earned, jobs changed, karaoke sang, sardine pasta ate, camping survived, fears unanswered, hopes remained...

all in all its been fantastic and full on.

This year brings a whole new set of challenges. I will finish my thesis, make trips to England, quite my job, get married in England, relocate to england, find a new job, join a Boiler Room, and spend my first fall as the wife of Steve Lawton....

it kind of makes me tingle... and that how I know that life is good, hard sometimes... but I give God all the glory and honor for sticking it out with me and blessing me so...


finals almost done

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I have just a few more papers to finish and my finals are officially done for this semester. wow times flies when you are busy in grad school!

ahhh well, its been so worth it.

we are hosting a "Wine and Cheese Christmas Party" at the house I live in... we are excited about that!

we also just made christmas card for our house and I am soooooo pumped about sending those out this year. they will be hilarious!

this months is actually turning out to be quite fun and I am so thrilled that there are only 20 more days until christmas... come on christmas and get here already! soo excited i can barley breathe!