Promoting Prayer Awareness?

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I met up today with two really amazing women from my town who are helping to organize the operation of 'praynet' a group dedicated to increasing prayer in Colchester. We had a delightful time chatting about prayer and how we were going to use the resources, connection and networks that are at our finger tips with effectiveness and efficiency.

I kept wondering, "Why do we care so much if people pray?"

We talked about how prayer is this beautiful conversation that happens between us and God. It also allows us and God an outlet to work out all of what is going on in life (the good and the bad)... all in all my conversations with God have shape more of the person I am and the life I live than any other conversations I have every had.

This further got me to thinking... in this day and age... how do we promote prayer in our towns?
It has to link to awareness... but digging in deeper how do we promote prayer awareness? How do we remind people in this age that when life smacks them across the face they don't have to turn to alcohol, lonely movie theaters, dark corners of libraries, busy pubs, isolated homes, over active lives to distract them from the realness of what they are going through?

How do we remind people that prayer is real... a real connection to a real being that really cares? How can we let people know that you don't have to be hyper spiritual to pray... you just have to start talking to God... just like you do with your mate... start with the everyday stuff and as you get more comfy and familiar with God start telling him about the more personal and intimate stuff...

As I thought about this question and browsed a bit on line I found this picture that I have posted on the right linger on the side of a prayer website... the bigger the words the more times that word was tagged on this website about prayer... What do you think this tells us about what people are interested in getting involved with when it comes to adding praying into their normal everyday routines?