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So if you haven't figured it out... I believe prayer changes things. Big things and small things. I think a lot lately I pray for small things. personal comforts, weather, awkward moments, the nature of my overwhelmingly normal life and existence ... But a few days ago I was reminded that as much as prayer is about having those every day conversations with God about life, love and happiness. It is also something that I do when big things... and I mean BIG SCARY things are out of my control and I need God in his wisdom and mercy to intercede and change the course of a physical reality.

When I first moved to England I got involved with a team of young people who were in love with Jesus and put Him as a priority in life. We spent sooo many  late nights praying in prayer rooms, drinking cups of tea while we fought out what church is and often challenging each other to game of less than enormous feats (who can do the most push ups, dance offs, trying to balance a tennis ball on someone unused crutches!!).

In that group was a young lad named James. He was only 18 when I met him, but often acted more like a 30 year old man trapped in a teenagers body. He always had us in fits of laughter from the "games" he would get everyone to play. He had a lovely voice and every now and again we could get him to sing a song or two and people loved it! He was always up for weird grand adventures and the number of "walks" we all went on were fabulous. Not to mention he had an unforgettable head full of curly golden locks.

As a team of people (and more so as a group of friends) we talked of hopes, dreams and the long lives we would all live pursing God, trying to do good in this world and creating opportunities for others to do the same. We were all too young to know any better and too old not to.

After that year we all have gone on to do such different things. Some moved back to their homes, some went on to jobs, other back to education, others into full time mission, some even married each other (wink wink!).

A few months back we got word that my friend James wasn't doing so well. He was living in Ibiza volunteering to help pick up clubbers and partiers off the streets to be the actual hands and feet of Jesus when he started getting sick and had pain in his chest.

To make a long story a bit shorter one of the people that has inspired me most in my faith has cancer... really scary cancer that could steal his life away... and its not ok with me.

His family also believe in God and prayer and the hope of living life. They wrote this incredible prayer and have asked their friends and family to be praying this over the next month to believe that a miracle can happen and James' physical body and life here on earth can be long and healthy.

If you know James or if you want to join in praying this prayer with his family and friends then Please join us for the next month in praying this every day and believing that through prayer change with come. If nothing else be inspired that a family in probably one of the most scary times of life have a relationship with God so deep that they can write something like this:

Our prayer for James

We pray for James and stand in unity for his complete healing, believing that “his body will glow with health, his very bones vibrate with life!” (Prov 3:5-6 The Message)

We thank you for James and the gift that he is to our family.  Thank you that this cancer was discovered and treated quickly, that the tumor has reduced in size, and that James is free of pain and able to sleep.  We thank you he has avoided infections, complications, and has been able to attend all treatment appointments.  Thank you for the fantastic care of medical staff and free access to treatment.  We thank you that James is gaining weight and is beginning to feel stronger.  We thank you for your love and care Lord, and for the many who join us in prayer, encouraging us and him to keep going.

We pray that today you will fill James with strength, encourage him, and lift up his heart, mind, emotions and spirit.  May he know physical health and strength,

We want you to protect him today, Lord.  And so we pray protect his heart and lungs, and everything that the tumor touches in his chest.  Protect all of his vital organs from Chemotherapy and drugs – his liver; kidneys; stomach; bowels; his reproductive organs; his veins and arteries.  Keep James from infection and complications, may his bloods be good, and may nothing interfere with his treatment programme.  We pray you will protect his emotions and mental health – granting him a sound mind, with confidence and trust in you Lord.  Be James’ strong tower, his shield and defence, his rock and foundation, his hope and salvation.

We agree and pray in unity that you would completely heal James of this tumor.  That those cancer cells would rapidly die, with the tumor shrinking completely and disappearing.  May the primary source be gone, never to return again.  We pray the remaining small nodule in James’ lung will disappear and any further secondary signs of cancer to be completely healed.  May everything this cancer touches in his body be protected and healed.  May cancer be eradicated from his body!  We pray there will be no trace of cancer or chemo treatment in his body and that James will return to full and complete health – living cancer free for the rest of his life.

We pray that the hopes and aspirations James has will come about;

  • May he find a great wife and be married
  • May James’ reproductive system be protected and may they have children
  • May he pursue his chosen career and serve you fully Lord
  • May he live cancer free for 5 years, and then beyond
  • May his voice return so he can sing

We also pray that in and through this situation you will be glorified in our lives.  For those in our family and close to us who do not know you – strengthen them, and reveal your love to them that they may know and trust you Lord.  For us Lord – forgive our fears, doubts and unbelief.  Lord increase our faith so we may trust you and stay close to you.  Speak to this storm and bring us through.

May nothing interrupt the good plans and purpose you have for James’ life.  May he live to an old age.  May his body glow with health, and his bones vibrate with life.  May you bless him today Lord.


can you still "pioneer" church? I don't think so!

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I read a lot of books about how to 'plant', 'build', 'be' or 'pioneer' church. I don't think I like it. I am getting really fed up with people telling me or reading about how to 'pioneer' the church... I think that makes about as much sense as someone buying a horse, wagon and compass and telling me they are going to Pioneer the wild west of America.... I want to look at them with dumb-founded eyes and be like "That was so 300 years ago! You do realize thriving cities and urban spaces now claim what you are imagining as the wild west of America? Hang up your Pioneer reigns ... that profession doesn't exist anymore!"

Stop telling me to pioneer the church on my estate. That doesn't work. Stop telling me to be missional. That doesn't work! Stop telling me to be an organic church. That sooo doesn't work.

I don't know what does, but I'm kinda tired of buying into "movements" to make a difference. I love Jesus. I don't go to church on sunday. I love the bible. I wont tell every person I meet about Jesus. I love praying. I wont scream pray in public. I meet my neighbors because I'm called to show them love. I wont save them. I care deeply about righting the wrongs going on in this world. I can't make people care about a man that lived 2,000+ years ago... He is going to have to do that.

I'm not the first to realize this... I'm not the first to do it in this place... I'm not a pioneer! And I can never be one here on this estate in England. (Anyone than a cowboy can buy a horse and wagon and go pioneer the wild west of America... those days are soooo OVER!)

So from here on out... I'm gunna get on with my every day normal life. I'm not going to over-dramatize it or make it sound cooler than it really is. I'm going to count it all joy... especially those crazy awesome moments when Jesus shows up in the little things and makes me see how real he is and makes a difference in the lives of the people I love.

If church forms because of that... awesome... but I don't think you can be pioneers in the UK ... this land... these people... they have heard about Jesus. People already have come to this land as the first people bringing a new idea or claiming a new area... we can't keep doing it...

I'm like that black ops team... you know on those crazy xbox games that I can't even play... the team that goes in after the city was settled, after the leaders were elected, the streets were settled, the conflict started, the war build up, the hatred reigned, the indifference set in... I am on that team of people that has moved into the neighborhood to see if there is any life left...

To see if we can find Survivors!! ... Rescuers if you will... which means that we play the game by a different set of rules and with a different objectives, but the same end goal.