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so I just spent a week in london (sunburry court) learning all that it takes to be involved in mission. A big part of my year out is learning about the importance of cross cultural missions. so we spent a week learning about culture shock, and mission movements, and watching movies about missionaries going to these tribes and telling them for the first time about jesus and who he was... some really incredible stuff.

half way through the week i was really starting to stress because i was thinking again to myself how much i really do not feel a call to be what they called a "front line missionary". they kept pushing how important and special it is to be one of these people that goes and reached "unreached people groups".  i was thinking yeah i feel the intense desire these people have for serving God and i want to do the same, but i really don't feel like i am called to that life style. So, i started asking myself "how am i going to live out this call to be passionate for God, if i'm not called to do it in the same way that these people are?" for a moment i thought, "its either front line missions or nothing?" but lucky God didn't let me get to caught up in that...

God really reminded me how he considers the whole picture and how he does have a special call on my life and i just need to take a breath and breath and just live everyday as fully i i can for him and he will take care of the rest! so that being said, the rest of the week i had some really good experiences learning about how important intercessory prayer is for unreached people, we played a game learning what it takes to go to a completely different culture that make me seriously laugh out loud, we even roll played/ dressed up like muslims and did this prayer activity that really help me to identify with the muslim culture.

walking away from this week i really realized more the responsibilities we have as christians to the people around us. I really want to look more into the idea of mentoring, church leadership, and being a mission mobilizer! I also am excited to live life with more intercessory prayer for these unreached people! i know prayer makes all the difference and lives are transformed by our prayers! This week really taught me that even tho i might not be able to get on a plane and fly to africa... i can get on my kneels and pray for them and join God in the most powerful way... with my prayers! I am so excited to learn about different unreached people and then join other christians in praying that God will bless their lives just like he has so fully blessed my life! 

well, i need to get to bed... we had one busy week and tomorrow we are packing and on sunday we leave for a prayer pilgrimage to the spanish island of ibiza! i am really excited to go join the 24-7 Prayer community there and help them prepare for their high season. The team there in ibiza, ministers to loads of visitors and locals that come for the pubs, clubs, and bars. They believe in spending the week before their high season just prayerfully preparing their ministry for all the work they are going to do. so we get to go and help them pray into this plan God has for their ministry this summer! i am so excited.... should be amazing! much love

leaving for amsterdam in like 10 min!

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so i am dying to be in amsterdam already. my flight doesn't leave until 1540 and i have been ready to go sense 10am! so i am here blogging trying to distract myself so that i don't annoy Carla who is giving me a ride to the airport!

this trip just came together so easily. two weeks ago i was thinking i prolly wont even go and now here i am plane ticket in hand and bags packed ready for a new adventure. I really have no idea what to expect seeing as how i never really have stayed in a hostel before. but every time i read about them or hear about them i always think they are such fabulous ideas! i think getting away from the normal rhythm of my life here will also help me to appreciate the life i have here in england as well.

This hostel, Shelter City, also sounds incredible. The majority of the staff are volunteers that all live in a shared dorm. They get together every morning for prayer and bible study, then spend about 4 hours doing work in the hostel, the have the late afternoon free to join in some of the events the hostel puts on. I think they are living out a call for Christ in a way i find completely attractive, in that they are just serving people in a very natural and needed way (given them a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head), but at the same time leaving enough space to build relationships with people, to encourage prayer, and to share the gospel to those that are interested. It just seems very natural and organic to me! which might sound kinda hippy, but i like that kind of christ centered living!

I am so ready to just get there and soak it up for all its worth. i really have a feeling this is going to open more doors then even i was ready for! which is exciting. The last time i was at TCF church i had a guy pray for me and he told me that i am striving after God and praying that i want to see and live the things i am reading about in the Bible. And he said that i need to be ready because the life i keep desperately fighting for is just going to come, very unexpectedly and very easily! i can't help but notice the similarities between my trip to Amsterdam and that prayer! even if just going to amsterdam solidifies my desire to be somewhere else or just gets me to think in a different way... i know this journey is going to change me!


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so i just found out that i am off to Amsterdam! I have a two week break coming up... well we actually broke up on friday so i currently am on easter break! wooopie! I really wanted to just be involved with a different ministry and see what heart and passion there goes into that kind of service. I leave on monday so i will be there for two whole weeks. I can't wait to see what holland is all about! and Dutch people! 

so last night i went clubbing in this town called Basildon... they affectionately call it Bas Vagus! it was absolutely hilarious. this club had two levels and the top one was a proper heavy beat club... (we didn't stay up there to long), the bottom floor was sooooo funny. The DJ had to be the worst DJ known to man. I think it was clinched when he played "i'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world" it was hilarious. I seriously stop and thought everyone would boo him out of the box, but ohhh no! everyone just screamed and started singing and dancing! ha ha oh the english! 

Today i spent the better part of the day collecting video footage for this film a guy and i are working on about Community. I actually really really enjoyed asking people questions and setting up the camera! it was a ton of work tho, and i have a whole new appreciation for what film editors/producers have to go through... lots of work!! I just love taking pictures and movies its like my most favorite hobby! 

Oh and the other day i went to the mall and bought the most amazing ganstahhh hat ever. Let me say that right now i have this completely overwhelming obsession with hats... i want to buy every hat i see!! ha ha! But i controlled myself and just bought this freaking awesome black hat with gold stars! it is beautiful and i pretty much have worn it every day sense! Its like the old cowboy boots i got for Christmas and refused to take off! what can i say i get attached quickly to things! 

we are having people over tonight to play cards so i have to get going... but let me just say we introduced them to nertz and they absolutely love it! so it will be a late night of playing card!! woopie! love and peace! Oh and it feels amazing have Obama in england... my soul feels good!