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The oldest recorded town in Britain. Yes, i have been a resident here for four days now. And to me... it appears as all the other british towns are... old, with little roads, and hellish roundabouts. Ha ha. but seriously my time here has been really cool. We took this pilgrimage because it is half way through our first term. I can't believe it is already half way through our first term... in fact, just coming up to this date totally wigged me out because i started thinking "oh crap... if have way through the first 1/3 of my time went this fast... how fast is the rest of this time going to go?" so i immediately started stressing about not have vision or passion for anything. what's a girl to do? 

  So coming here to i really didn't expect much. But it seriously has been a very exciting week. The Boiler room that has hosted us here is a group of people that have just really really impressed me. They are just living normal every days lives, but they put in the time to have prayer intentionally in their lives. I realize that even though i am a part of an organization called 24-7 prayer. i am going to have to make the choice of intentionally putting prayer in my life. And for the first time that didn't scare the crap out of me. But it still concerned me a little that i still don't really have passion for one thing or the other. I don't long to bring the gospel to the lost villages in Africa, or yearn to smuggle bibles into hostile lands, or dream of building orphanages for AIDS inflicted babies. I was praying while here in Colchester, asking God why this is. Why wouldn't i have these passions? That is when God reminded me of my passion, the whole reason i moved to England in the first place.... i have a uncontrollable passion for prayer. Nothing else matters to me. I can go any where, i can do anything, if it is wrapped in prayer to God, then he will lead me and direct me. 
  it is so satisfying finally and fully realizing that because i have no sense of urgency now. I will do and be where it is best for me to pray. For now that is here and so i calmly and fully live in my time here. When this time comes to an end. Very Freeing! God will direct my next step and in him i fully trust.
   Beside super spiritual stuff. This week we also got to organize and set up our first prayer room from scratch. it was soo much fun coming up with ideas for how prayer can be done. A group of kids are coming to this "create" conference and we are in charge of the "creative prayer" bit of it. It is going to be really exciting. we built a den for the kids to crawl in and pray, i did an intimacy corner and the importance of reading bible verses as prayers, we have an africa corner, and a wailing wall for the kids to write their prayers on. we worked really hard on it and it turned out pretty cool. we pretty much will be doing the same thing again on friday night at another venue for theses street pastors. basically these guys walk around helping people who are to drunk to get themselves home or who have hurt themselves or spent all their money. The street pastors just help those people, so we will be manning the prayer room back at "home base". It is a really cool time to just pray for Gods love to be shown in the most practical way. i like it because they are not running around trying to shove the gospel down peoples throats, but they are meeting them where they are at and helping them when they are in immediate crisis, just like Christ would have done.
  Other than that, i am mostly just looking forward to November getting here because i have spent all my money for this month and have to wait until saturday to get more money... it is like living death, because we keep going to all these really really really amazing shops and i just want to freaking buy the scarves and necklaces and jumpers and hats... but sadly i spent like all my money the first flipping week I got it. It was a sad sad day. Well actually the day i spent it was AMAZING... the day after was sad. but... light at the end of the tunnel, november 1st is saturday and i've done amazing on no money! so wink wink life is good! 
 My favorite part of english life style so far is by far the pubs. Going out for drinks and just chilling in the pub is purely amazing. Thing i miss the most about america... MY CAR! it is ridiculously horrid not being able to drive. i miss it sooooooo much. i'm so tempted to just hijack a car and drive it like mad, but i try and control myself. The urge does grow strong tho! love to the peeps! 

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Hollllaaa to the people. October has been lots of fun. the fourth member of our team has arrived... Gemma! We are having lots of fun getting to know each other and laughing. Next week we go on our first pilgramage to cholchester. It is a very famous historic city... something about romans and CASTLES!! I am excited to make my way around there and see the sites. But more importantly we are going to be doing a lot of street ministries, which i am both really excited and nervous about.

Oh i had to write this reflection on my time here thus far and they posted my reflection on their website... so if you want to check it out you can go to this site.

The transit team is really wanting to connect more with the community around us, so we are trying to think of really creative ways to meet the people in our community and begin building relationships. the hardest part is just starting. we are going to start purposfully walking up and down our streets to meet people so please pray for us that opportunities will open and God will use us to move in his plan and promises for this community! we are so excited to join God in his plan!!!

lots of love


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this week has been our soup week at the boiler house. basically we all come together and eat and make soup for eat other and then all the money we would have spent on eating at our houses or wherever we give to be used for a special project. this year they are giving the money to an orphanage in india that one of the ladies has a connection with. It is fun getting together everyday, but eating soup lunch and dinner for all week has been interesting. i do love eating bread tho and you can eat as much of that as you want... hmmmm

I also started italian lessons this week!! There is an italian lady named joyce that gives lessons at her house and i thought it sounded like fun to learn another language... so i have started italian lessons. I don't know that much... right now i am trying to catch up because everyone else has already had like four lessons and i only have had two. so they were all asking each other hard questions and i was so jealous to be doing the same. It was really fun at lessons tho because there were two italian guys there who have come to stay with joyce so they can learn english... we we got to try and speak what italian we knew to them and i laughed a lot! 

The river Thames comes through corringham so the other day i went down and had a nice look at the river and it was really weird thinking that i was actually standing on the banks of the Thames! Crazy!!! I've been here over a month now and i can't believe how much fun it is .... while being totally normal at the same time. It is starting to get a little colder here tho, but fall is my favorite time of year so i look forward to that!

Holllahhh out to my brother Spencer!! Happy Birthday Dude! I will try and call and sing you happy birthday! And I am super stoked about mom and trisha and whit coming for a visit! love you all!

The trail of tears to Lakeside!

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so tuesday i spend all day working at this house "decorating" (which is the english way of saying remodeling). we stripped wallpaper for the better part of the morning, then washed the walls, and sanded the walls and woodwork and then painted the ceiling. It was a full day and we were a little tired. And thank you dad i even was able to show these people how to fill the holes in the wall with that wall filling stuff... i was pretty cool! 

 But! we really wanted to go to Lakeside (it's like the biggest mall in all of england and is like a 1/2 hour train ride from us!). we went home and got all cleaned up, ate some dinner and then listen to the instructions on how to take the short cute to the train stations. Lets just say, we should have listened harder to the instructions. Charl and i head out and before we knew it we were lost in one of the smallest towns know to any English man! After taking what had to be the longest way ever to the train station we make it, but only after dodging the largest slug congregation on the sidewalk. i never, in all my days, have seen slugs the size of these slugs and they were all over the whole side walk... it was nasty! we get our train to the train station and finally make it Lakeside. The mall if fab! let me just say, shopping makes me feel so great! and we did pretty good too, finding the sales and just getting the things we came for! 
meanwhile i have this 10lbs blister on the bottom of my foot (a few days before i had walked in these heels and yeah the largest blood blister on the bottom of my foot... so not cool!). so my foot is starting to totally swell while we are walking around at the mall, but we man on, because, well, its shopping. The mall closes at 10pm and we had to be forced out of the mall by the iron gates of the shops all closing. we catch out train back home... and have to walk the equivalent of the trail of tear back to our house. Ok, distance wise not that far, but there were a lot of tears. I was limping like my foot had turned into a nubben and my whole leg was cramping because i was walking on it different and my leg was like "dude i've had enough of you using me". we had to take a "compose ourselves" break because half way home we considered just camping out on the curb! but i'm here to say that with a little grit and the hard core urge of having to pee we made it home! and after peeing and getting on our PJ's we crashed! 
but dude it was totally worth it... i found the hottest jeans ever. And yes my people, it actually looks like i have a bum in these jeans! I KNOW!! WHAT A SHOCK!!! ha ha!

Moving to the new house!!

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September ends and so has our living arrangements at the Boiler House. TODAY WE MOVE!! we are totally pumped to get into our new place and set up. Lots of people are coming today to help us move beds and suitcases. It should go very well. 

  this morning in prayer we had such an amazing time praying about how God has changed us in just the two weeks we have been here in Corringham and it is totally true. I had a bad weekend of holding back and not really dedicating to what i am suppose to do here. Mostly i was just feeling sorry for myself and feeling like there was no way that i could do God the ways these people are doing God. In our God story we studied about Abraham and how much Faith he had. It was really encouraging to me to see that God and Abraham had to talk a couple of times about the promises God made Abraham. It made me realize that we don't just wake up one day and get this great faith or become a super Christian. I mean i knew that, but in some ways i was expecting to just come over here and find that it way easier to be a Christian. and it wasn't. The same stuff i worried about or that got into my head at home... gets into my head here. God and i had this conversation and i really just opened up to him. I don't want to live my life the way i did before. I don't want to get into that cycle of being "me focused". The only way i can do that is to be talking to God often and in his word... getting that assurance from him... just like Abraham. 
We also talked about laying down and leaving behind our expectations and past experiences as we journey on to our new place with God, but also using the skills and tools he has provided us with to be more effective for him. Its hard to lay down the past in order to be free in my future, but today i am. Its amazing. 
Also yesterday we went and visit this group of modern day monk living in london. they were described to us as "a group of celibate men". let me just say, going into it i really didn't feel good about it. It was a little intimidating. Once we got there it was a little weird during the beginning because they were explaining the vows they have taken and the covenant they are under. It was very intense to say the least. As the evening went on it was fine tho. we had dinner and pudding and had a big time to chat with them. There is something really special about a person just letting go of the desires for marriage and family and devoting themselves to God. Its hard to explain, but it was really good. We got to do evening prayer with them as well. It was really cool to go into this prayer room and sing out these psalms of prayer with a group of people who live and breath devotion to God. I was really inspired by their devotion. I don't think i could ever take on that intense vow, but i definitely can learn a lot for them during this time that i am single. Choosing to be more focused on God then on the game of dating really is quite freeing! Anyways by the end of it all it was good to see how a group of people are living out their devotion to God, even if it is not the way God has called me to live. well i should go. my new place doesn't have internet as of yet so i may not be able to check my e-mail/ blog for a few days... but i am really pushing to have it. so please pray for that! ha ha love you all