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The oldest recorded town in Britain. Yes, i have been a resident here for four days now. And to me... it appears as all the other british towns are... old, with little roads, and hellish roundabouts. Ha ha. but seriously my time here has been really cool. We took this pilgrimage because it is half way through our first term. I can't believe it is already half way through our first term... in fact, just coming up to this date totally wigged me out because i started thinking "oh crap... if have way through the first 1/3 of my time went this fast... how fast is the rest of this time going to go?" so i immediately started stressing about not have vision or passion for anything. what's a girl to do? 

  So coming here to i really didn't expect much. But it seriously has been a very exciting week. The Boiler room that has hosted us here is a group of people that have just really really impressed me. They are just living normal every days lives, but they put in the time to have prayer intentionally in their lives. I realize that even though i am a part of an organization called 24-7 prayer. i am going to have to make the choice of intentionally putting prayer in my life. And for the first time that didn't scare the crap out of me. But it still concerned me a little that i still don't really have passion for one thing or the other. I don't long to bring the gospel to the lost villages in Africa, or yearn to smuggle bibles into hostile lands, or dream of building orphanages for AIDS inflicted babies. I was praying while here in Colchester, asking God why this is. Why wouldn't i have these passions? That is when God reminded me of my passion, the whole reason i moved to England in the first place.... i have a uncontrollable passion for prayer. Nothing else matters to me. I can go any where, i can do anything, if it is wrapped in prayer to God, then he will lead me and direct me. 
  it is so satisfying finally and fully realizing that because i have no sense of urgency now. I will do and be where it is best for me to pray. For now that is here and so i calmly and fully live in my time here. When this time comes to an end. Very Freeing! God will direct my next step and in him i fully trust.
   Beside super spiritual stuff. This week we also got to organize and set up our first prayer room from scratch. it was soo much fun coming up with ideas for how prayer can be done. A group of kids are coming to this "create" conference and we are in charge of the "creative prayer" bit of it. It is going to be really exciting. we built a den for the kids to crawl in and pray, i did an intimacy corner and the importance of reading bible verses as prayers, we have an africa corner, and a wailing wall for the kids to write their prayers on. we worked really hard on it and it turned out pretty cool. we pretty much will be doing the same thing again on friday night at another venue for theses street pastors. basically these guys walk around helping people who are to drunk to get themselves home or who have hurt themselves or spent all their money. The street pastors just help those people, so we will be manning the prayer room back at "home base". It is a really cool time to just pray for Gods love to be shown in the most practical way. i like it because they are not running around trying to shove the gospel down peoples throats, but they are meeting them where they are at and helping them when they are in immediate crisis, just like Christ would have done.
  Other than that, i am mostly just looking forward to November getting here because i have spent all my money for this month and have to wait until saturday to get more money... it is like living death, because we keep going to all these really really really amazing shops and i just want to freaking buy the scarves and necklaces and jumpers and hats... but sadly i spent like all my money the first flipping week I got it. It was a sad sad day. Well actually the day i spent it was AMAZING... the day after was sad. but... light at the end of the tunnel, november 1st is saturday and i've done amazing on no money! so wink wink life is good! 
 My favorite part of english life style so far is by far the pubs. Going out for drinks and just chilling in the pub is purely amazing. Thing i miss the most about america... MY CAR! it is ridiculously horrid not being able to drive. i miss it sooooooo much. i'm so tempted to just hijack a car and drive it like mad, but i try and control myself. The urge does grow strong tho! love to the peeps! 

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Even your writing is maturing. Love you. Miss you. Wish I was there.

October 31, 2008 at 3:54 PM

You sound busy. Looking forward to some pictures, whats up? Wish I could hang with you at the pubs that sounds like fun. Shopping, I would love it!! Try not to spend all your moo-lah, you need to be able to have some fun too. I wish I could post pics on here I would send you my Halloween pics, sad I was the only one to dress up at work. :( Talk to you soon.

November 14, 2008 at 5:53 AM

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