Turkey's Eve!

Posted by Teen Bean

well i pretty much had the most amazing day. It started out going down to the boiler house and helping out with the thanksgiving activity we had planned there. We baked all these cakes for people that serve in our community, like the librarians, and volunteers at the charity shops, policemen, firefighter etc. It was a pretty amazing day. We prayed over the cakes as we baked them and then later in the the day they went out and delivered our "prayer" cakes... it was a fun way to pray and show our appreciation to the people in our community. 

  I left the boiler house around noon to get back to our house so that i could start making food for our thanksgiving that we are hosting here at our house. It was one of the most incredible days. i absolutely loved spending the day making pies, and stuffing, and sides dishes. it was a fun day... and as much as i cringe to write this.. spending the day in the kitchen was absolutely wonderful! So after baking for seriously like 8 hours, i am now bumming on the couch watching "take the lead" and am surprised by how much i really enjoyed the movie!  anyways! i'm going to take my little domesticated self to bed... ooo that sounds so good! oh and i am going to miss you all in your americanness tomorrow so don't take for granted the wonder of being american and enjoying your family on that day.. because you don't know how much you will miss it until you don't have it! mwahah!

Thanksgiving Week.. Kicks off!

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   So thanksgiving week as got off to a good start. The transit girls and i have been in charge of planning a week of thanksgiving at the boiler house. lets just say we didn't know how much we had cut out for us. We decided on monday we would have communion where you would walk through the character of God through these prayer stations. The night went so absolutely well, totally because God is gracious. We did work really hard to put together the night and all the stations. but then this amazing gentle, quiet spirit of God showed up and the night was real good. Today we had another busy day, with me going and getting all the ingredients for Thanksgiving and then later that night we hosted Destination Dinner with a Clue theme. It was hilariously fun. We went around to all these houses have parts of the meal and collecting clues! I was really proud of us to get it all put together. So i am pretty cream crackered, but i want to finish making some of the Jello side dishes we are having for thanksgiving so i am watching the movie Love Actually and tickling away at the key board. well i am going to just veg for a bit... later later!

Picture Time!!

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one day carla and i went to southend.... we drove all the way there for the sole purpose of getting donuts. they have these amazing donuts.... oh man they are ridiculously good! 
yeah glow stick power. we went to a bonfire party and they handed out glow sticks to the kids.... yep i was considered a kid at this party. but hey if it snags me a glow stick i don't mind!
a nice relaxing evening in we decided to do face masks. Charl and i just like to be chill like that.
this is us on our pilgrimage week. we went to the oldest recorded town in Britain, Colchester. we had to set up two prayer rooms that week and this is the wailing wall that we set up at one of them.  It is where we can write down our prayer... it pretty sweet.
here i am at outside a pretty old english church
this is one of the other prayer rooms we set up. we set this one up for 12-16 year old girls so we built this den that they could crawl into. it was really cool and turned out amazing!
here is the finish product of the prayer room. the room was completely bare when we walked in. we had to set up that tent. the den is to the right it was an african theme prayer room so we had drums and lions up too!
here is Charl mid-prayer room set up! it can be a lot of work setting up a prayer room... and breaks are needed
we went shopping one day and i found an elephant carving! i love elephants and wanted this really bad... but it was like 100s of pounds... so i just took a picture instead.
messing around outside a phone booth... 
here charl and i are making a Carla sandwich!!! holllahhhh
gemma and i in the car... always ganstahhhh!!
one night charl and i got a little bored so we cling filmed our host door shut... what can i say... don't let me get bored...
here we are goofing around in the lift. we take every opportunity to take photos of ourselves!
we went to an art opening in london and this was one of the pieces that i really enjoyed. they took photos of people with paper stuck to their faces, then they took the paper that was on the peoples faces and hung that in front of the picture, the they took a mesh wire molds and hung that in front of those pictures... it was really cool!
we went to harrods a famous department store in london... at night they light it all up it was really pretty. i enjoyed looking around there a lot!
here we are in london waiting for the bus. it can get boring just like in america! haha i actually think we posed for this picture to be fair!
here i the whole crew. me, gemma, carla, and charl right outside our house... 
here is the outside of our house
here is our living room... tho now we have rearranged so it looks different.
here is our bathroom!!
here i am outside our house with the great umbrella that karen gave me before i left... i put it to good use all the time! thank you so much for that karen!!
here mom this one is for you!! i found an aldi!!
this is carla, my host, and i making a stuffed charl (are other housemate) when she went out and left us alone in the house!!
Yeah the first day of moving into our house! here i am hanging curtains in my room!
here is charl and i headed into london... we like to be gangstahhh whenever we can!
this is charl at the Boiler House right before a house meal. The boiler house host house meals every tuesday and wednesday. About 30 people come each night and we all eat together. it is a pretty fun time! this is one of the rooms that we have set up!