Turkey's Eve!

Posted by Teen Bean

well i pretty much had the most amazing day. It started out going down to the boiler house and helping out with the thanksgiving activity we had planned there. We baked all these cakes for people that serve in our community, like the librarians, and volunteers at the charity shops, policemen, firefighter etc. It was a pretty amazing day. We prayed over the cakes as we baked them and then later in the the day they went out and delivered our "prayer" cakes... it was a fun way to pray and show our appreciation to the people in our community. 

  I left the boiler house around noon to get back to our house so that i could start making food for our thanksgiving that we are hosting here at our house. It was one of the most incredible days. i absolutely loved spending the day making pies, and stuffing, and sides dishes. it was a fun day... and as much as i cringe to write this.. spending the day in the kitchen was absolutely wonderful! So after baking for seriously like 8 hours, i am now bumming on the couch watching "take the lead" and am surprised by how much i really enjoyed the movie!  anyways! i'm going to take my little domesticated self to bed... ooo that sounds so good! oh and i am going to miss you all in your americanness tomorrow so don't take for granted the wonder of being american and enjoying your family on that day.. because you don't know how much you will miss it until you don't have it! mwahah!

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