Thanksgiving Week.. Kicks off!

Posted by Teen Bean

   So thanksgiving week as got off to a good start. The transit girls and i have been in charge of planning a week of thanksgiving at the boiler house. lets just say we didn't know how much we had cut out for us. We decided on monday we would have communion where you would walk through the character of God through these prayer stations. The night went so absolutely well, totally because God is gracious. We did work really hard to put together the night and all the stations. but then this amazing gentle, quiet spirit of God showed up and the night was real good. Today we had another busy day, with me going and getting all the ingredients for Thanksgiving and then later that night we hosted Destination Dinner with a Clue theme. It was hilariously fun. We went around to all these houses have parts of the meal and collecting clues! I was really proud of us to get it all put together. So i am pretty cream crackered, but i want to finish making some of the Jello side dishes we are having for thanksgiving so i am watching the movie Love Actually and tickling away at the key board. well i am going to just veg for a bit... later later!

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