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this week has been our soup week at the boiler house. basically we all come together and eat and make soup for eat other and then all the money we would have spent on eating at our houses or wherever we give to be used for a special project. this year they are giving the money to an orphanage in india that one of the ladies has a connection with. It is fun getting together everyday, but eating soup lunch and dinner for all week has been interesting. i do love eating bread tho and you can eat as much of that as you want... hmmmm

I also started italian lessons this week!! There is an italian lady named joyce that gives lessons at her house and i thought it sounded like fun to learn another language... so i have started italian lessons. I don't know that much... right now i am trying to catch up because everyone else has already had like four lessons and i only have had two. so they were all asking each other hard questions and i was so jealous to be doing the same. It was really fun at lessons tho because there were two italian guys there who have come to stay with joyce so they can learn english... we we got to try and speak what italian we knew to them and i laughed a lot! 

The river Thames comes through corringham so the other day i went down and had a nice look at the river and it was really weird thinking that i was actually standing on the banks of the Thames! Crazy!!! I've been here over a month now and i can't believe how much fun it is .... while being totally normal at the same time. It is starting to get a little colder here tho, but fall is my favorite time of year so i look forward to that!

Holllahhh out to my brother Spencer!! Happy Birthday Dude! I will try and call and sing you happy birthday! And I am super stoked about mom and trisha and whit coming for a visit! love you all!

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Eating soup for a cause is pretty cool. You must be learning all kinds of great recipes, be sure you get them written down for when you come back. Italian lessons, that is really cool. Do they have Halloween there? I know they celebrate some of our holidays is that one of them? I am going to be a zombie this year. I will email you pics.

October 26, 2008 at 2:20 PM

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