The trail of tears to Lakeside!

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so tuesday i spend all day working at this house "decorating" (which is the english way of saying remodeling). we stripped wallpaper for the better part of the morning, then washed the walls, and sanded the walls and woodwork and then painted the ceiling. It was a full day and we were a little tired. And thank you dad i even was able to show these people how to fill the holes in the wall with that wall filling stuff... i was pretty cool! 

 But! we really wanted to go to Lakeside (it's like the biggest mall in all of england and is like a 1/2 hour train ride from us!). we went home and got all cleaned up, ate some dinner and then listen to the instructions on how to take the short cute to the train stations. Lets just say, we should have listened harder to the instructions. Charl and i head out and before we knew it we were lost in one of the smallest towns know to any English man! After taking what had to be the longest way ever to the train station we make it, but only after dodging the largest slug congregation on the sidewalk. i never, in all my days, have seen slugs the size of these slugs and they were all over the whole side walk... it was nasty! we get our train to the train station and finally make it Lakeside. The mall if fab! let me just say, shopping makes me feel so great! and we did pretty good too, finding the sales and just getting the things we came for! 
meanwhile i have this 10lbs blister on the bottom of my foot (a few days before i had walked in these heels and yeah the largest blood blister on the bottom of my foot... so not cool!). so my foot is starting to totally swell while we are walking around at the mall, but we man on, because, well, its shopping. The mall closes at 10pm and we had to be forced out of the mall by the iron gates of the shops all closing. we catch out train back home... and have to walk the equivalent of the trail of tear back to our house. Ok, distance wise not that far, but there were a lot of tears. I was limping like my foot had turned into a nubben and my whole leg was cramping because i was walking on it different and my leg was like "dude i've had enough of you using me". we had to take a "compose ourselves" break because half way home we considered just camping out on the curb! but i'm here to say that with a little grit and the hard core urge of having to pee we made it home! and after peeing and getting on our PJ's we crashed! 
but dude it was totally worth it... i found the hottest jeans ever. And yes my people, it actually looks like i have a bum in these jeans! I KNOW!! WHAT A SHOCK!!! ha ha!

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Tina! Your foot again? I remember Summerfest a few years back, remember when your ankle was super swollen? Be kind to your feet, girl! Where's the pics??

October 26, 2008 at 2:16 PM

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