Skillshare #1

Posted by Teen Bean

Keeping Chickens in the City... aka Urban livstocking!

the benefits include: social animal, little friends, an egg a day, chicken (tho i don't recommend this! kill your pet! but at least you know it was raised healthy!), poop good for garden, helps the environment, teaches responsibility.

the drawback: you have to buy feed (and then feed then feed them daily), they might eat other garden plants, you need a fenced in area/yard/coop, you have to pick up/move poop...

other then this its a pretty good idea and a skill worthy of having... now to talk matt stewart into leading a chicken raising skillshare!!!!!!! i am a looking at his face right now... DO IT!!

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Chickens are amazing!!! We have them and I love them. :] and they eat scraps as well... they are nice little feathery friends to have around too... and the eggs are so much better than shop eggs. xx

June 3, 2011 at 2:32 PM

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