Why is singing worship hospitality?

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Being obsessive about being different can have its ups and downs. Sometimes I get so carried away with trying not to "be like everyone else" that I actually end up doing things i don't like all for the sake of being different. I think singing out my worship to Jesus is one of the things I let go in an attempt to be "emergent/different/or raw". Granted, looking back at the time I let this go, it was a good thing because I grew up in an environment where the definition of worship was singing (and mostly singing Petra songs or a classic hymns)... but lately I have found myself "secretively" buy and listening to worship music (shhhhh and I love it).

One of my favorite books on hospitality is called "Untamed Hospitality". The author Elizabeth Newman doest this incredible job of reminding me why sung worship is so needed. She walked me through the authentic practice of hospitality as she explained sung worship allows people space to be active in their divine relationship, to pray, to submit to others in their community, to be invitational in voice to God and those around them... it was beautiful.

Sometimes I forget how powerful the voice and spoken word is, especially when spoken words are paired with action... its an unstoppable existence. I want my worship to be present in these times and unstoppable, and so I sing my worship and in so doing I dynamically incorporate the gift hospitality by encouraging people to be involved, to pray, to submit, to be real in their relationships.

"One who sings prays twice" ~ ancient proverb (attributed to St. Augustine)

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This is super interesting, Tina, particularly because this morning (before I read your post) I was reflecting on how, since I returned to America/FBC, there has been a different worship leader with his/her own team each week! And although i resonate more with some voices/styles more than others, I think this system is an absolutely wonderful way of refreshing an important facet of worship (singing) for believers each week.

May 15, 2011 at 10:19 PM

RH! its so true... i am still really trying to work out all of what sung worship has to offer... but more and more I am just like "dude that is where it is at:"... i laugh at myself a lot these days because all those "church traditions" that i was sooo over 3 or 4 years ago... i now am finding myself really missing them and longing to include them back in my faith practice! how fickle i am!

May 18, 2011 at 10:11 AM

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