pie is the new cupcake

Posted by Teen Bean

Reporting from the west coast of Seattle... the word is out... pie is the new cupcakes. You know all those fancy parties, or "super cute weddings" or to die for baby showers that have the most amazing and unique dessert display of cupcakes.... all those time when we used to all go "oooo and ahhhh" over the creative and unusual idea of substituting cupcakes for the ordinary celebratory cake. ahh the days when that was the "most creative" idea....
but that was so 2000...
What are we suppose to do now? What if I throw a party? What are the 'new' options? Well in the city of Seattle the pie battle is in full swing... In a city dominated by "cutie cupcake shop", its safe to say vintage pie is back! And I am not going to lie... It is awesome...
I went to a few of different of these vintage pie shops... full with 'soda fountains, high stool chairs, and 50s aprons'... sooo pretty. I'm not going to lie some pie shops do "pie" better then others. I'm a crust girl all the way!! But one of my favorites is this one pie shop that does mini pies and little hand held pies. They are sooo absolutely cute I just can't get over what a good idea it is to eat little mini pies while basking in the joy of some purposeful (or non purposeful) celebration!

So the next time you have to throw a party or plan a dessertie table... don't let the boring cupcakes get you down... try pie! Its awesome!

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