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In the obscene amount of new free time I have post grad school, I find myself not liking being at home alone. Last Sunday, as I found myself in this exact situation, I took the advice of one of my roomies and headed down town Seattle for the "6th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival". It was raining and cold, but the temptation of unlimited cheese samples was unstoppable. Rating this festival out of 5 stars, I give a full brightly shining & flashing 5 Stars! There was a variety of cheese vendors, as well as bread and other dairy products. The samples were huge by all standards and, despite the dreary weather, everyone was more then happy to be hanging out in Pike Place market.
Highlights of the day included:

#1 Wearing my favorite pink boots (which perfectly match my pink umbrella!)
#2 Visiting Pike Place Market (NO! the rain did not stop me!)

#3 Learning how to make my own mozzarella cheese ball!

#4 Standing in as long of line as I have to get more Blue Cheese, which I learned I love no matter what!

#5 Falling in love with this festivals huge "sample" size of cheese! YUM!

#6 Best kept secret of this years festival: Coconut Cheese... the best tasting cheese EVER!

Long Live Cheese!

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