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This week has been going very smoothly. monday we had our first "teaching day". which consisted of a lecture that covered the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Dude they are not joking around about this whole study the whole bible thing. Monday we had a fair amount hang out time as well so that was fun to just chill and chat with people. on mondays a few other people join us for the teaching day so there was about 10 of us in the classroom. 

Tuesday we woke bright and early to make it to this thing called "Besom". This organization collects brand new (or practically brand new) house hold items to hand out to needy people in the community. It is really amazing how it just all comes together. Ikea donates a lot of they left over products to us. So, on tuesday i spend the better part of the morning putting together wardrobes and then organizing curtains and sheets. Tuesday night it was the transits responsibility to host the community meal so Carla, Charl, and I all had our moments in the kitchen cooking for about 25 people. It was fun, we made spaghetti and the most amazing garlic bread ever. ok, so carla made the garlic bread... and i told her that for my birthday i want her to make garlic bread for my breakfast, lunch and dinner... and i don't care what that will do to my body!!

Today is "Study day" and as you can see i am being very productive. i actually have to go to morning prayer here in 2 min... so i will just make this one short

oh wait. so last night i was sitting down to eat my spaghetti dinner. there i was innocently chewing away at my food, when all of the sudden i chomped down on a solid piece of MY LIP RING!! I was like eeeahhh???? just to realize that the small jeweled ball on the outside of the ring had screwed off and lost itself only to leave the bar to fall into my mouth. it was quite an uproar at the table as i was yelling "i swallowed my lip ring... i swallowed my lip ring!" to have my ever caring mate Charl practically chock on her food as she laughed her head off at me. Yeah, she just laughed. i could have died and she has to leave the room laughing at me!! ha ha! it was quite funny!

till next time... i have to go to prayer cuz now i am 2 min late!!

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Oh my! Garlic bread and lip ring, sounds like a good combo. Ahahaha. Now come on, you would have laughed too Tina. Yum garlic bread sounds so good right about now.

September 24, 2008 at 7:41 PM

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