aprils gone!?!? what the heck!

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so i can't believe that april is so gone. two weeks in amsterdam, one week at a kiroas, one week in ibiza... and finally back in england. i missed it soo much here it was scary! but it was amazing to come home to good friends and with new kindled passion for the mission we have here in england!

so a little update on ibiza. the island was just incredible. we got to spend a good amount of time walking the streets praying for the bars, pubs, clubs, workers, prostitutes, and business. It was so powerful to join the prayer team there that by the end of the week i was sad to leave because i wanted to stay and see how our prayers were answered!! We also got to spend a lot of time farming. The 24-7 team there in ibiza just started renting this gorgeous and hugmungo house and they are starting to farm it as well. we spent the better part of two days just digging into the ground, pulling weeds, and connecting our physical work of gardening to the spiritual work of gardening. it was incredible. plus every now and again i would just stop working (all freaking dirty and sweaty) and just look out at the most amazing view ever of two mountains, soft valleys, and an unbelievable sight of the ocean. it was breath taking. we also spent one night worshiping God in the club. which was so amazing and different from anything i had ever done before. it surprised me how easy it was to worship God there. the team did an amazing job preparing us for all that we had to do that week and in the end it really payed off!

we got home on saturday and were just completely knackered! but i refused to let any sort of physical weariness stop me. The 3 year out guys (john, james, and steve) all leave this week for their "overseas mission" part of their year. its been a weekend of extreme happy-sadness if i ever had one. i am so excited for them to be able to adventure out into the world with the mission of taking what they have learned about God and blessing the nations, but at the same time i selfishly am quite irritated that they would dare think of leaving me at such an emotionally vulnerable time! how rude! 

oh i'm also stressing because this week... in fact in like 2 hours i have to make a life decision about what i am doing next year. i have an interview with the school i was thinking about doing my masters degree at... and more than anything i want to go through with this interview... but it just seems sooo wrong. i can't put my finger on it! its times like this that i die for people like Laura and Sarah that i could just vent my entire life to! oh the need to vent! what can i say i process externally... its a curse not a gift!

so in between crying my eye out and laughing when i remember the good time... i also had an amazing day just getting back to the everyday life of transit! i got to serve at the boiler house today and i absolutely loved just tidying the house. no one else was there and I just blasted my music and went ah-lah-crazy on cleaning the house... it felt way good! then i went over and help this lady named lisa plan out a prayer room that we are going to help this church in this little english town (suffux or something like that) set up... i am so excited because setting up prayer rooms is actually one of my favorite things of this year out! the theme is "Alive to God" so should be fairly solid i say!

ok well i will write later... maybe when not in such an emotional state and then maybe my blog will come out a little less scattered and a lot more focused! sorry my bad! 

KISSES and rockstar wave!

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