God i want a thermal mug!

Posted by Teen Bean

so normally i totally avoid campus... like the black plague.... i mean, first off, there are way to many happy jesus people there and secondly, there are WAY TO MANY HAPPY JESUS PEOPLE THERE! ha ha! I give northwest such a hard time for being completely everything they say they are and what i voluntarily signed up for... so really everything i rant about is completely undue... but that doesn't stop me!

so today i had to go to meet a group of my classmates at an on campus cafe to talk about a book we are reading on justice. As i walked across this ever vibrant campus... that is sure to pump out yet another round of church leaders that fail to understand the true meaning of the church... i was caught off guard by the incredible comfort i got from a girl walking opposite me.

She was your typical fall college campus goer... back pack, soft knit hat tilted stylishly to the side, cozy warm scarf wrapped loosely around her neck... But strangely enough, what drew my attention to this girl was an ever defining thermal coffee mug she so confidently and securely carried in her capable hand. i don't know why i was so fascinated by this girl carrying a thermal mug, but it just made me feel so good about life i almost laughed out loud...

the entire time i was at this group discussion on justice my mind just kept wandering to that girl with the thermal mug... i really appreciated her... but i just couldn't put my finger on it.

as i strolled back to my apt, after said book study group was over, it hit me. That girl was ready... her whole persona screamed it. The message she was yelling, with out even speaking one word, was "Not only do i know what i want out of life, but i can get it AND carry it with me right here in THIS thermal mug... AND that ability lets me taste WHENEVER i want WHERE EVER i want!" basically with that thermal mug she was screaming at the world "I got this!"

and i thought to myself "GOD I WANT A THERMAL MUG!"

could you imagine being that person? Someone that knows what they want, makes it, and is capable of carrying it with them where ever they go!?!?! To be someone that ready for life, that prepared for what they know they will need or want... to take the time to find it, fill it, carry it, AND enjoy it!!?!? pffff that girl... the one that carries the thermal mug... is my new hero! I hope i can be her one day or at least get a thermal mug!! wink wink!

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holy COW! you are the most perceptive and philosophical person i know!!!! im freaking JEALOUS of your ability to THINK!

October 27, 2009 at 4:52 PM

Ahh teen, I love the way you see life and interpret it. I’m praying you’ll get that mug and use it to give a drink to someone that’s thirsty. Keep seeing life
(don’t they sell those in target?)

October 31, 2009 at 9:43 PM

I took me until almost the end of your post to figure out what you were saying.
Thanks for sharing this.

November 6, 2009 at 12:57 PM

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