Ode to my boyfriend...

Posted by Teen Bean

If I could be just anyone
I'd sail across the sea

And stand next to my golden man
and make a cup of tea

Then i'd sail a little more
but this time through the sky

And still i'd stand with my man
The one who wears pink ties

But now my tale has just become
a story about he

When really when it all began
wasn't it about me??

But something about standing near
the man i call my lovely dear
makes my heart know crystal clear

That sailing to him is the final key
that unlocks my whole world
and sets me completely free

so that, anyone i'm not with he
because he loves the simple me!

heart heart

the bean

p.s. 12 days until steve comes!

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wot wot!!!!!!!! you wrote me an ode, I never had an ode before. I friggin love it.

December 11, 2009 at 12:35 AM

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