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vacations are well good. steve and i decided that a bit of his last few weeks here we would spend vaca-ing it up. we decided camping was our way forwards sense ...

a) we are broke


b) steve meet a man we call friendly Jeff that would loan us all our camping gear

double score!!

we left on tuesday. drove up to Anacortes, Wa and caught the ferry there to the San Juan Islands... talk about gorgeous. we stayed at one of the most friendly little camping resorts. we put up a tent, we made dinner, we swam in a lake, we even went for a canoe adventure.

we explored the island, watched for whales, got coffee, and made fire... we were regular wilderness explorers by the time we left.

then we hit up HWY 20 and wound our way through the cascade mountains.


we would be talking randomly and then both go "woahhhhhhhhh!" the blue sky, the tumbling water, the painfully scary walking bridge... it was well worth it.

we pulled up yesterday at our second camping adventure. in a town called Winthrop. Its a town all made up to look like olden day western towns. ahhhh we have had so much fun, yet again making fire, cooking food, putting up tents (haha minus us loosing a tent for a few moments when we failed to stake it down and the wind took her for a little walk... ahhh but we gott'er back... no worries!)

its nice to just have a little change in routine. a little break from the normal. just soaking in some sun and my super steve... before fall chases them away...

beanie bernie

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