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so it was amazing to spend the last two weeks in the lovely country of England with my fiance Steve Lawton. I was so excited to see him in the airport i just melted. For the two weeks that i was there we found ourselves blessed over and over again visiting family, prayer communities, school centers, friends homes, and new cities... it was a speed through of reconnecting and discovering.

One really cool thing was just spending a chunk of our time in Colchester, which is the town Steve and I will hopefully live once we get married. Steve walked me around the city, hand in hand, to point out neighborhoods we could live in and areas of town that were important. It was so special to just dream with him a bit about what our lives will be like and the direction we are going.

Sense getting back I keep asking myself what was the biggest take away from my trip? Once i started thinking back to how the trip went, I think what was the best ever was simply how excited I was to wake up ever day I was there.

For those of you who know me, you know that mornings are not my favorite. I often liken waking up to experiences of horror, torture, or death. Normally I feel a sharp sting the instant my eye are forced to open and leave the warm, comfy dream world and coherently take in the "real world"...

But opposite to my normal wake up routine, over the last two weeks the shear joy I've had at waking up and bouncing out of bed was ridiculous and slightly creepy. Poor Steve dealt with the blunt end of my early morning wake up calls. But as I assess my trip, my biggest take away was, the excitement that shook me awake each morning.

So often I get wrapped up in the normal every day monotony of living and life that instead of waking up feeling excited about living, i feel drained and reluctance. It felt so good to remember what it feels like to be excited about living, about the possibilities of life, and the simple joy each day can have.

If only everyone could experience the blessing of what it feels like to wake up so alive, the world would be a much different place. I flew away from England yet again feeling overwhelmingly blessed and eager to return.

Missing My Stevie Muchly!

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