Skill share #3 - #40

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so I haven't forgot about this. I've actually had a lot of cool conversations about people's skills and also just took some time to think of all my friends/family/co-workers/ and thought what they are good at (weather they know it or not) and then thought about what it would be like if we all agreed to share what we are good at with each other... wouldn't that help us learn how to get by in this world with less... BUT MORE!

take a look at the list... I hope that it inspires people to realize their skills and to encourage others to see their skills and then motives us all to share them more regularly with each other and not just keep them hidden away with in ourselves!

  1. Keep urban living stock (chickens)
  2. Making soap
  3. Making Jam!!
  4. Playing a musical instrument or teaching a musical instrument
  5. Making noodles
  6. Teaching lessons about sex-trafficking intervention
  7. Learning to plant a herb garden/indoor garden
  8. hair cuts
  9. family/friend photographic portraits
  10. Riding trains/being a traveler kids
  11. How to publish a journal article
  12. Leading interactive prayer nights
  13. Creativity lessons
  14. Tips for including refugees in the community
  15. Hosting a clothing swap
  16. Building a fire
  17. Learning a foreign language
  18. Caroling
  19. Bell ringing
  20. Writing poetry
  21. Scrap booking
  22. Social media (twiters, blogs, facebook, meetup, etc)
  23. Organizing community meals
  24. Leading discussion on the story of God (a.k.a bible story)
  25. Learning how to listen
  26. Building an urban shelter
  27. Dumpster diving
  28. Recycling/composting
  29. Fishing
  30. Leading nature walks
  31. Giving city tours
  32. Culture dinner restaurant tours
  33. Counseling
  34. Life coaching
  35. Patching clothes
  36. Button making
  37. Witling
  38. Fitness classes (aerobic, yoga, walking, running clubs, tennis, soccer, Frisbee)
  39. Short story writing group
  40. Cleaning

did this list make you think of a skill you have always wanted to learn or that you are good at? let me know what it is... i am still determined to collect as many of these as possible!

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