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Dear All,

This is an open invitation to the people of the world (or readers of my blog) to offer an invitation to interested individuals to join our prayer community here at the Colchester Boiler Room Community (Colchester, Essex).

We recently have had one of our young professionals let us know that she would be interested in moving nearer to our estate to specifically live in a community house with other Christians, be intentional about prayer and supporting the mission and vision of our Colchester Boiler Room Community.

The time scale for this invitation is a short one:
We are looking for a minimum of 2 more people to move into this house (either move from another part of Colchester or move completely to Colchester). If we get a group interested, we would start looking for a house by the 1st of June 2012 for a move in date of no later than the 1st of July 2012.

We would be most interested to have single young professionals age 20 to 30, but are eager for people who simply have a heart for loving Jesus, prayer and community. Members of the house would need to have a means of funding themselves: meaning rent for the house, their lifestyle and bills (we would assume most would need a part-time to full-time job). They would also need to be able to commit to being a part of a community and getting involved at Colchester Boiler Room for a minimum of 1 year.

Colchester Boiler Room Community would classify itself as a missional, prayer, organic and nontraditional form of church.

The vision and mission of Colchester Boiler Room is Jesus. Our commitment is to God and each other and is expressed most simply in our community prayer "Lord, Jesus help me to be true to you, kind to people and take the Gospel to the nations".

Being a part of Colchester Boiler Room Community offers its members a chance to be in a Christ centered community, do focused community work on a 200+ house estate and get involved in creative prayer. Below are some of the activities are community chooses to express and meet Jesus in:

  • Maintaining an allotment
  • Hosting a Toddler Group
  • Organizing Messy Church for Families on our estate
  • Facilitating a girls club for 8-12 year olds
  • Communal teaching and learning of God Story
  • Extended time of Prayers for community, the Nations and children
  • Volunteering with a local charity for homeless youth
  • Youth Football Club
  • Starting Prayer in Clubs
  • Organizing two/threes for mentoring and deeper bible learning
  • Arranging House Concerts for Young Adults (20-30s)
At the moment we predominately work with young families and children. Building off this momentum we are seeing we are praying for breakthrough among young professionals (20 to 30 year olds). We are hoping that the addition of even just two to three more Christian young professionals would help us pioneer relationships among young adults that we have been praying for. 

If you are looking to get involved in a prayer community, can commit a year of your life to praying more and serving more on our estate and see yourself pioneering ministry among young adults, children and families then consider joining us.

This is not a specifically organized discipleship program, but it is a chance to join in with a community and be discipled with us as we all journey and learn together. Our estate isn't fancy and sometimes it gets boring, but if you want a chance to live in a Christ-centered community and prayer like you have never prayed before, then I whole heartily invite you to join us. We need people and are trusting God to  stir the hearts of those He is asking to join us.

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