A Kiss Towards = Worship

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I know in todays world there is loads of things to worship... pop stars, diets, actors, job, book series, money!!

Today I woke up with the sun splashing into our apartment and thought "wow what an amazing day to worship God".... it set me in a good mood right from the start. The as I pulled on an old raggy top and headed into the kitchen I was even more grateful that my worship doesn't start in a church building or even that slightly awkward singy-song time of a church service that some of us love and hate at the same time. 

It started as I began cooking the food for our community meal for my friends, family and neighbors to share today as we all gather to remember how awesome the Creator of the universe and Father God is. 

I laughed and asked, "Steve what is worship? I feel like I'm doing it right now... but I'm not singing or in a church?" 

Steve was hanging up the latest poster from his poetry gig on our memory wall and said "Worship means 'a kiss towards' or 'adoration'... it about showing appreciation..." (ahhh steve always knows everything! wink wink!)

I laughed and was like "ohhh right that is why this feels like worship!" I continued smiling to myself because I love the way we get to be the church on this estate. Its not about meetings or judgement or rules... its about relationship. 

Our world has tried to take the precious word of 'worship' and make it this cold and distant thing by using it to say "we worship money, items, fame etc" when really worship is very relational and personal thing... its a word used to describe the most personal and real relationship we humans can experience... the relationship between us and our heavenly father and creator!

And God asked us to use the way we worship him or show him our love to bless him AND others! 

So in the same way that I show people love (through telling them, making them food, hanging out with them, being kind, being generous, having a cup of tea). God wants us to show him love in those same ways, but he is even cooler than people because he says that when we do these things for him, BUT with other... it shows Him the deepest love of all!

So I am happy to worship God today... starting now in my kitchen... and continueing into this afternoon as I gather with other people that love God and we share a meal together and show God we love him enough to care for each other and him!

Join me some time... its awesome! 

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These thoughts make me so happy and encouraged and just really want to be a part of your community! But of course it's also a challenge to me to seek/start my own Christ-centered community wherever I am. Miss you, Tina (and Steve!!) KEEP KISSING!! ;) xoxoxox

September 9, 2012 at 7:49 PM

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