Abraham believe and it was credited to him as Righteousness

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So this week has been so good for me. It all started on Sunday. i was able to go to an ice hockey game. Go Romford Raiders!! It pretty much rocked my world, the game was amazing. they play on smaller rinks here so the rules are a bit different, but being a loud fan is the same... so i fit in very nicely! 

  Monday is my official "lecture day" and this week we talked about Abraham and then in the afternoon we had a session on prayer. Let me just say, both rocked my world. It was so amazing to hear about how Abraham (who is know as the father of faith) messed up, that God had to re-assure him quite a few times what he had promised, and that things didn't always work out the way we might have thought, but ultimately God came through on his promises! The afternoon session was AMAZING! it was really really cool to hear about how their are different styles of prayer. I guess i always thought that if you were a good christian you would be good at all the ways people pray. so it was really good to hear that naturally we all have natural ways of prayer. It is good to work on the other styles, but its ok to realize they are hard! This morning we went to this park called "one tree hill" (i know how great... my own one tree hill!) and had the most amazing time of prayer. It felt so good to prayer with the style that i know is natural for me and not feel guilty that i didn't prayer in all the other styles. we had a really good prayer morning and we are really praying for the community of corringham that God will just pump into this city and really impact peoples lives! 
  Besides that over the weekend i had this massive craving for chocolate chip cookies. I went to the store and wandered up and down a million different isles before finding the tiniest bag of chocolate chips in the world. i go back to the house and ask charl, my house mate, to look up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. she looks them up and read the recipe off for me. keep in mind she is british and i am american. so she says two and a 1/2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, three an 1/4 cup sugar, three and 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of butter... etc. so i head to the kitchen and start pulling together all my supplies only to realize that in england they don't use cups and such its all in pints and grams... so i think well i will just use like a coffee cup as a cup and just eye it all. so, there i am mixing it all together and i go to add all the sugar and i am like... "dude this is ridiculous... this is way to much sugar!" i'm like "i am only going to add half the sugar".  i finish that, and am like "man that is a lot of sugar even still, but i already half the amount... so whatever". I finish making the dough and then i had to leave and go to the hockey game.  at the hockey game i am so looking forward to getting home and making some great cookies. i get home and pull the dough out of the frig and seriously you could physically see grains of sugar. i was like "this is not right!!" at that moment, Charl, walks into the kitchen with our host Carla and i'm just like "dude i am not to sure about these cookies, they look really weird and i added a lot of sugar!!" Carla was like "how much did you add?" i was like "well, the recipe said 3 1/4 cup white and brown sugar". Charls eyes get big as saucers and is like "no not 3 and a 1/4... 3/4 cup white and brown sugar!" we all just busted out laughing. i guess with her accent and how they say 3/4 i just totally wrote down the wrong thing. No matter how we tried to save the cookies it was to no avail. we had to chuck the whole batch! and to say the least Charl and I have not been able to live it down. The story gets told at every mass gathering! so cheers to chocolate chip cookies and internet recipes and british accents!! 

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Hahahaha. The cookie snafu. Don't the british make chocolate chip cookies? there should be a recipe that converts measurements, I would think. Anyway I LOVE hockey!! It is the only sport that I can stomach. We often go to see the Milwaukee Admirals. It is an AHL team which makes them cheaper and much more fun. When you come back we are totally going!! The season starts mid October, so looking forward to it!!

October 1, 2008 at 7:28 AM

oh tina. this sounds exactly like something becca or i would do...but YOU! you are the queen of hostessing and whipping up delicious sweet treats to eat! lol.

So I'm reading this book by a British journalist: Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Excellent. I love the British humor and you must be having a blast.

October 2, 2008 at 5:41 AM

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