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well true to form, things here are nothing like i thought they would be. first i will be living here in Reading, England until Sunday. Then i will be moving to Sunburry which is a village that will be near where "The Round Table" will be held. The Round Table is a leadership retreat where all the 24-7 Prayer leaders get together for conference. Then after that weekend, i will travel to the Southamptons for "Home" which is another conference where all the 24-7 prayer communities are invited to join us. That will all wrap up around sept 15th and then i will be moving to Corringham which is the new location for Trainsit. 

Originally the Guildford Boiler Room was going to host us. But The Guildford Boiler Room has been growing quite large and they have a lot of new believers. They felt that if the leaders at the Guildford Boiler Room had to host us as well it would put a lot of strain on them and that the new believers would suffer because a lot of attention goes to training the Trainsit students. So, that is why they decided to let the Corringham Boiler Room host us. So, we will move to Corringham around Sept 15th but for two week we will be living in a house that is not our permanent home, because they house they have planned for us to live in will not be ready until Oct 1st!

That to say, that if you do want to write me snail mail... or sent me packages for the first month the best address to use is the one that i handed out and is posted below:
Tina Aurand
24-7 Prayer
c/o The Matrix Trust 
Albany House
67, Sydenham Rd.
Surrey, GU1 3RY
In October i will post my permanent address!

Also I do have a phone number, but to be quite honest it is much to expensive to call. If you are interested in ringing me, i would suggest getting a Skype account. Then we can talk through our computers!! So, obviously your laptop would need a microphone... and i hear that they also do video chat!!! so maybe we can even do that! my skype account name is rockstartina83. Then all we would have to do is e-mail "phone appointment times" and it is completely free and we can talk as long as we want. There is a 6 hours time difference... but hopefully we can work some early talk times out... and the weekends will prolly work out best! 

Well, i want to post more about some of the cool stuff i have been doing, but i will save it for another day because i don't want to wear you out... I also want to get some pictures to put up so I will wait until then! I miss and love you all!


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Hey Tina, Thanks for emailing me back. I am so thankful that you made it there safe and sound and that you feel at home. Gods blessings-Amanda

September 5, 2008 at 11:08 PM

Hi Tina, It sounds like everything is under control in your adventure.Cann't wait to see pictures to.Love you a

September 6, 2008 at 2:31 AM

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