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here i am being dropped off at the airport! bye bye daddy walrus and mummy dearest!

my room in Reading... very nice! 

boredom!! yeah a couple days i was left to myself... here i am taking pictures of the street through the doors peep hole!! highlight... all these doors use old style skeleton keys, which pretty much is like my favorite thing!

here i am on the train headed for east london... all my bags and if only the train would move!

hello to all. so i've made it to east london.  i will be staying for about a week. Living in Reading was lots of fun. Catharine, the vicar, and the feeman family will always be remembered as the nicest and most welcoming people. 

One cool thing that i was able to do, while in Reading, was join a prayer group at a cafe. it was small, just five of us... but it was very relaxing to just get together and pray. After the prayer meeting, we went and helped a friend of the groups to clean out his house. This man is quite of a hoarder and was struggling with letting things go (that my friends, is the understatement of the year!). He literally had stuff piled so high we couldn't even open his front door. we worked for about 3 or 4 hours just trying to talk him into letting some stuff go... we didn't get very far by my standards, but i was assured that it was truly a miracle that he let us come over at all... so that is good.

on the not so servant of God side of it all. Pete one of the guys that i met at the prayer meeting took me to his girlfriend shirley's house. She and her roommate carolyn were hosting a barbecue for their neighbors... it was really one of the best nights of entertainment. pete and shirley were just beyond nice, including me into their circle of friends... and you should have seen their layout of food... the meat, in and of itself, was just impressive. 

i've also been spending a good part of my time here reading a book called Red Moon Rising. And if anyone is interested in really knowing what the heck i am doing this book... by pete greig and dave roberts is the one to read. as i am reading it, i am realizing more and more why God has directed me on this journey. some exciting spiritual stuff is going on and i am really going to get plugged into it!

So, that brings us up to today. I again, went to another barbecue with Catharine. again, they had a very very impressive layout of food... this time it was the dessert table that impressed me (they call dessert pudding here! interesting!! at first i thought they really just had this obsession with pudding pudding... then i asked because that seemed crazy that a whole nation of people could be so obsessed with what i consider low scale hospital food... yeah, and then i was told pudding is dessert!) So after that Catharine was going to take me to the train station so i could get my next train to east london. we arrived at the train station to find that a train had derailed and all lines were cancelled. it was a mess!

After much hub bub Catherine was nice enough to drive me to another train station and drop me off. I had to wait about a half hour for my train (thanks to Adventures in Odyssey that went fast!) Then just 40 min later and i was meeting up with James. James runs a boiler room in Egham. He picked me up at the train station with instructions that i would be carrying pink bags! (he said he spotted me right off!). Once collected we went to St. Stephens church for a night service. it was really very amazing to be in this extremely old, old church and worshiping God with a full modern worship band. I loved it.. so yeah, then i went back with James and his two house mates Joya and Nadean. They are really cool bunch of people my age who just love God and want to serve him. I've only been here an evening and i feel more at home than ever! 

if you think of praying for me.. the biggest concern on my heart right now is connecting with a really amazing group of friends. this first week has been really great and i have had tons of people being super great... but i miss my friends a lot and could really use a best friend over here! 

Love Love! Mwaahhhh!

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WOW, Tina I love your pictures keep'em coming! You can be assured we will be praying for you, and that you will have a best friend to share everything with Just don't forget about us LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Mom

September 8, 2008 at 3:07 AM

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