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So i made it to the port of southampton. it is pretty nice there. it was the launching sight for the mayflower and the titanic (just a bit of random fact for you!). So, in Southampton 24-7 Prayer was hosting their international Gathering which they called "HOME". it was truly amazing to just be a part of such an intense week of worship and prayer. In the beginning i helped out with the set up because i new a lot of the leaders from earlier in the week working at the "Round Tables". That was really fun because i got to move behind scenes and yeah i overall just like setting things up and preparing for big venue stuff so i was feeling very much in my element. 

Spending a weekend with people from all over the work has been incredible. One evening they had people from all different countries come up to the front and just pray in their languages! It was beyond cool. i've never heard some of the languages that were spoken and there was something so amazing about hearing them for the first time as they cried out to our God! 

Another cool thing that happened over the weekend was i was able to meet the people that i will be living in Corringham with. Carla is going to be our host at the house and then i also met Charl who is one of the Transit students. they are both really great and i think that we are going to have a really good time learning about God and loving him together. 

The weekend was hard to have end because over the week i connected a lot with people from all over the world and then i was having to say good bye all over again and step into another whole new living situation. But overall i was glad to be able to finally meet the people from the community i will be living with. And let me say they are totally amazing! the moment i said hi and was introduced i was getting hugs and smiles like i was a long lost sister. They are just really great people.

Oh interesting story. so my adapter, that i bought from wal-mart, was pretty much crap and totally went to rubbish after just a few times of using it. So, my laptop was completely dead and i really wanted to check my e-mail. So, sunday afternoon i set out on an adventure to find an adapter. i didn't think it would be to hard considering that Southampton is a pretty touristy town and they are pretty well know for their shopping. so i started out at this store called "Boots" which i've been told is very much like our walgreens. but no they didn't have any. then i went to this "hmv" which is like a electronics store... nothing. Then i went in this mall... nothing..... and then i really had to pee. So, i'm walking all over this mall trying to find a bathroom and finally after going down three wrong halls and taking an elevator i find a bathroom... but a guy was cleaning it so we had to use the handicap bathroom. I say we because by now there is this huge line of women waiting to use one stall in this obviously busy mall bathroom. Then this little girl would not just go to the bathroom and was holding up the line forever and i had to pee like no other and i still had to find my adaptor. (loud sigh!!) finally the girl pees and i use the bathroom. But i still need to find my adaptor so i just continue wondering and then i found the most interesting store. I forget what it is called but you walk in and there is no product on the floor. You walk over to this row of catalogues and look for what you want then you right down the id # and then go pay for it. Then you go to this conveyor belt and wait for it to come out!!! it was really weird. but super easy to find the adaptor that i needed so it worked well for me! 

So yeah. Last night i drove back with people from Corringham to my new home town. It feels good to finally be in the town that i will be living in and all the connections that i am now making are going to be ones that are going to last a little bit longer! I will write more about the boiler room i am staying in now and about the house i will get to move into once i get some pictures and can show you that! 

Some quick prayer request. Just pray that i will really have a heart for this new community that i have moved into and that i will really just feel at home here and ready and willing to do what God has planned. 

much love rockstar
here i found a red phone booth and took this picture to satisfy my inner tourist self!

this is the 24-7 leaders commissioning a team of swedish and then also a team of americans who were going to be starting up new prayer communities in their home towns.. it was really cool they washed their feet 

here is a picture from Sunburry Court. that is terry the lady that worked the kitchen. she didn't want her face to be in the picture... so i honored that. but here we are making food for about 60 people. it was pretty hard work all day long all day strong!
This is a picture of Carla (my host) and me on a pier in southampton. it was really pretty that day even tho it looks cloudy i have learned to find beauty in other things then the sun!!

This is the merch table that i worked really hard to set up at 24-7 Prayer international conference. Then i helped to work the table. i really enjoyed working with this lady named Charlotte Terise. She was really nice and very cool!
This is Charl... one of the Transit students that i will be living with. She is from the UK and is 18 years old. she just finished high school and is taking a year out to just dig into God and find out where he wants here. she is very cool!

here i am in Southampton in the gates that at one point surrounded the town. they don't anymore now they are in like the middle of the town... but it was really cool to see the old old gate anyways... and i gave it a little Rockstar flare if i do say so myself!!!

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TINA! yo. so i love the picture of the lemons...our cameras are def the coolest. and i read the story about the conveyor belt store to my roommate and we were bastante amazed. but i wanted to tell you about how i had fish n chips this weekend when i was at purdue university. i ordered a toasted tuna sandwhich and a strawberry malt and a bag of pretzels, but then decided the salt and vinegar chips looked much better and would go fabulously with my fish. sure enough, it did! and it was totally worth the 250 or so extra calories i gained by exchanging pretzels for chips.

September 16, 2008 at 5:03 AM

Did you say "rubbish", why yes I think you did. Oh no Tina!! Hahaha. I love the pictures. The conveyor belt store sounds great! I'm glad you found an adaptor, that would have been terrible to be without. It actually looks sunny in a lot of those pictures. We have been getting a lot of rain here. Its good to finally see the sun! Looking forward to the next entry.

September 17, 2008 at 6:12 AM

hey lady it sounds crazy out there very exciting meeting all those people and travelin' so much im so happy for you! lindz and adams wedding was great fun karen, mark, jude and i had a blast missed you dearly! o and by the way i love reading your adventures but does this count as my novel for the yr? haha! i guess its a good thing you are makeing me read i hate to but ill do it for you tina! check out some of my pics ill send it to your email from the wedding and when i went to see you! love ya hun take care! be safe & have fun!

September 18, 2008 at 8:21 PM

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