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Hello from Corringham. So a little explanation on my living situation. well its nothing like an old woman or a shoe, but that was the first rhyme that popped into my head! I have been living for the last 5 days, at this place that they call a boiler room. Boiler rooms are basically communities of people "that are centered on a disciplined rhythm of prayer and committed to the outward and upward practices of creativity, hospitality, learning, mission and justice." (a direct quote from the book punk monk by andy freeman p 15 yep i've been doing my homework!).  in some parts of the world boiler rooms are not physical place. they are formed by having relationships with people all yearning to have prayer in the center of their lives and pursue the aforementioned practices. Nevertheless my communities boiler room has a physical location a georgeous three bedroom home know by its address at Boiler Room Two One Seven (217).

There is this couple named Rob and Sally and they bought this huge three bedroom home in hopes to rent it out. But before they could follow through on their plans God come in and asked them to donate it to 24-7 Prayer for a year to be used by the community of leaders to continue helping this community live out practices of prayer, creativity, hospitality, learning, mission, and justice. And it is so amazing here. The three bedrooms upstairs are set up to service people who come here to see how this community has gotten itself in to rhythms of prayer, or for missionaries needing a holiday, or even just for a sleep over for girls in the community. 

They also have a huge prayer room set up in what would be the living room. It is an amazing place to be in. The walls are covered in prayer request, pictures of families  and friends, poetry, visions, art... it is amazing. Prayer here is not about just being locked in my room and fasting for 40 days. it about engaging all the characteristics of my personality to build a living and breathing relationship with God. I can go in the prayer room and pump up the music and worship to God in that way or i can grab a cushion and kneel in the corner or i can stand in front of a wall and write my prayers out... it is so cool to pug into prayer in so many different ways.

An art rooms is also set up to give people the ability to be as creative as they want. i haven't spent much time in there. tho we did need a vase for some flowers and i cute a jug in half and painted it pink and threw some glitter on it and wahhlaaaa we had a vase... so that was cool. They then have a room with tables in it that they used for all different sorts of things. Like they have community meals here on tuesday where everyone comes together to eat dinner and then we go in the prayer room and well pray. 

The life here is different and yet strangely similar to the life i had before. The sense of community is very strong here. People come from all different church backgrounds, but here at the boiler room we are of one body. Everyone is very focused on the three principles of Love God, Be Kind to Each Other, and Take the Gospel to the Nations. its not just the leaders that are into that... its everyone... so it is very cool! but what they are doing as far as reaching out to people is very similar to what i was doing at FBC. Hanging out together, having meals together, loving each other, serving the community. There is a healthy dose of active prayer here which is really amazing and i totally love.

So, yeah i am camped out in one of the guest bedrooms here at the boiler room, but this is not the house i will be living in permanently. God totally provided an amazing house for us about a 15 min walk from the boiler room. It is a 4 bedroom parsonage of a baptist church! (yeah i like to keep it real like that!). So we are really excited to move into that on Oct 1st. the only issue with this move is that the house we are moving to is just that, an empty house. there is nothing in the house, no beds, stove, frig, couches, curtains, rugs, dishes, shelves, dressers... we need everything. So we are really relying on God to provide us with all of our house needs. It truly is a brand new experience for me to have to rely on other people and ultimately God for the basic needs of life. I'm use to getting the things i need when i need them. So, doubt is playing a big part in my life right now. But every day God amazes me with someone calling us or texting us to say they have couches or a bed or money and the other day we got a fridge/freezer so we are pretty stoked to just see the physical work of our prayers day by day. If you could help pray our move will go smoothly and we will get all the things we need for the house that would be amazing!

oh side story... they have people here that they call a lollipop man or lollipop women. they basically are school crossing guards that wear these long neon yellow reflective coats and carry these huge round signs that look like lollipops... my mission for this week is to get a picture with one of the individuals... phase one has been completed: lollipop man has been spotted... now to pull out my james bond moves and get pictorial evidence of this strange yet completely fascinating people group!!!

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I think I would live in the crafting room. It sounds like my type of place. Tina you should make those gingerbread ornaments for all your friends over there, like you did at school. Everyone loved it. You are totally creative. I hope all works out for your permanent home. A little scary not having furnishings. A lot could happen in a week. Let us know how it all works out. Also a picture of you getting crosswalked by the lollipop man would be great!

September 22, 2008 at 6:03 PM
Sarah K  

Thats totally awesome!!! You get your own house!!! Maybe you should just set up camp and pop a tent up! ;) You might even put some Christmas lights on it! haha. Are there hard wood floors? If there are, make sure you do some good slidin for me. I would LOVE the art room. Sounds like a lot of fun! Ummmm make sure you post a picture of the lollipop man...or whatever he's called....ha!

September 23, 2008 at 12:38 AM

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