The BEST english birthday EVER!!

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My 25th birthday arrived on time... much to my surprise as it began in the very traditional English Birthday Bundle! Ok it might not be a tradition, but on this morning my lovely housemates blew up balloons and ran into my room singing the american anthem whilst loaded down with birthday gifts! They sang me a good round of Happy birthday and i open some of the most amazing birthday gifts ever! we then went down to my favorite breakfast of waffles with peanut butter. Then we headed off for morning prayer and teaching day at the boiler house. At the boiler house i was met by more happy birthday greetings and cards and presents. Everyone was to amazing to remember. I even got prayed over during morning prayer which was amazing! ha ha! 

  oh at this point i should mention that i wore the most interesting outfit i could put together, so i had on this black dress, with a sweater under, gray tights, overlaid with knee high stripe socks, and my ever famous snow boots, plus angel wings i had got that morning for my birthday, and my favorite scare that i just bought! it was ridiculous! everyone was just shaking their heads at me! 
   So teaching in the morning was good and then in the afternoon they said they were taking me out to lunch. They blind folded me and drove me around town, to end up across the road at this amazing couple house Rob and Sally! They had made my favorite lunch ever bread, cheese, and wine!! we ate and laughed and played pass the parcel! Then the guys all busted out skills and sang "the final count down" and played air guitar! I never laughed so hard! it was so funny!
   we went back and finished off teaching. then we came home and the girls wanted to take me out for dinner so we went to this amazing restaurant! it was so good. i got a little sick while eating because i have been sick all weekend and it was a lot of food to consume in one day! but it was still great. And now we came home and are watching Horton Hears a Who!! i've been dying to watch this moving forever so it is like the perfect ending to the perfect day! 
   English Birthdays are freaking amazing! just never ask them what the Birthday Bumps are... cuz dude that is scary!!! 

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this post has inspired me to eat waffles and peanut butter for lunch! :)

December 14, 2008 at 5:55 PM

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