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so its 2:30am on friday and i just got done with my prayer slot at the boiler house. i have this obnoxious head cold, so i wasn't super excited about going down there. It also is quite chilly here (nothing like back home... but anytime ice freezes i get a little angry). so i bundled all up about a quarter to one and headed down for my prayer slot. Once there i am reminded all again why God is so amazing. The prayer room is so comfy on our 24-1 prayer nights... i just end up wanting to be there all night! usually i try really hard to keep my prayer slot that night about praying for people who i know are going through hard stuff. I have three people in particular i am praying for that they would just come to know Christ in a new and deeper way. I also really like to make things during my prayer slot, so tonight i brought along some wire and ended up making this big wire heart and painting it red. I am going to use in when we decorate for the week of prayer we are having the first week of feb... so i just spend a lot of time praying as i put the heart together for all the people who are going to come to the boiler house and join in the prayer week. i love having something physical to be working on while i pray. it just helps me to focus on the topic and not just shoot off one or two sentences on the matter and then move on. so i was putting this heart together by winding layer after layer of wire around an out line of heart i had made on the bulletin board. but the wire heart wouldn't keep its shape unless i went around and bound it together and fixing its form fully in the shape i wanted. It really reminded me how are hearts are like that. Layer after layer of wire (or desires), that came be shaped by what we let bind them. God calls us to bind our hearts around his word, his promise, he new covenant with us.. when we do that he takes our form and shapes us into the new creations he makes us to be! i really was just praying for that then... and even now ...that God would really just shake the people that come in and see this heart i made. that they would realize how important it is to give the form of their heart over to God and let him form it.

after i finished my prayer slot i headed home... jamming out to Vices on my ipod. i ended up stopping and chatting with this slightly drunk girl (mostly to check and see that she was ok and could make it home cuz she was slow going...). she said that she was fine and was just out with her mates at a club, but they had gotten into a fight and she had split. She assured me she was fine and had a place to go so i left it at that. while i was walking away i really felt like I should have prayed for her. I thought about turning around and going back,  but i didn't. now that i am home i am actually pretty annoyed that i missed the chance to pray with her. I think God really wanted me to. I prayed that God wouldn't let that poor girl miss out on being drawn into his kingdom because of my lack of commitment to listen when God calls... And i had just come out of a prayer house... i should have been at my sharpest! So please be encouraged by my lack of action... But shove that pride off and be bold enough to look the fool and ask people to prayer for them... cuz if you don't you will regret that more then looking like one of those "crazy jesus people".

so here i sit now closing in on 3am and just think... it was a good night of connecting with God, but also a good night to learn that i have a lot of growing in him to do! prayer makes a difference... i want to be that difference!

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Hey Tina,
I really enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you are up to. I also enjoy the openess you share. Hope your cold disappears quickly. Glad you had a good Christmas break!

January 26, 2009 at 4:38 PM

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