I built a Labyrinth!

Posted by Teen Bean

So today we headed down to the boiler house and began our preparations for the 24-7 Prayer week that we are having here. these weeks can be pretty hard core, well for the simple reason that for one solid week, 24 hours every day we will have people praying at the prayer house. The transit team is responsible for setting up some of the prayer stations, so we each are responsible for certain parts. i have to set up the wailing wall and an outdoor activity. So i decided to to build a labyrinth... for those of you who don't know, Labyrinths are prayer mazes that allow "the prayee" to go on a journey through their prayer time. Its pretty cool to just take a very spiritual journey and make it into a physical journey.

so i looked up on line how to build these "amazing prayer mazes". It seemed pretty straight forward. Today i started reading the instructions and began to realize how completely non-straight forward it was. If my amazing roomie gemma (the masters degree in math) hadn't benn there for me i would have just lost it! There was all this freaking math and diameters and radiuses and to top it off, all this crap is done is meters and all i wanted to do was have a tape measure to read in feet!!

SO HOURS AND HOURS LATER... i am still pegging out the lawn and painting out the "structure"... THEN i got to go back over the whole thing with string... needless to say the sun started to set and i was still winding my way around the front lawn. I even ran out of pegs and had to literally run to town because the "do-it-yourself" shop was about to close. but much to the complete lack of light, i was able to finish... dirty, cramping, and frozen... but it was soooo worth it. i am so excited to actually walk through it. tomorrow I am going to set up some good "pondering prayer points" through out the maze... and wahhhlaaaahhhh amazing holy spirit spiritual potential!!

ok gots to run... the girlies are over for a movie and we are all vegging tonight before the big hooplahhh of this all gets started!!

wink wink!

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