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so it snowed today... well to be exact it started snowing yesterday late afternoon and continued on to today. and let me say it is one funny thing to see here. it prolly snowed about 2... maybe 3 inches and it has made history. it hasn't snowed this bad in 18 years! (or so i hear). i strictly was told when i got here that if it did snow (which it mostly likely would not) it would only snow in the morning and by the afternoon would be all melted. so it was quite a shock to everyone to have it start snowing in the afternoon of one day and CONTINUE INTO THE NEXT DAY!! shock shock!!! 

but yeah it was a good day. my labyrinth that i laid out yesterday with string in the front yard has been completely covered in snow... so i went down to the boiler house and spent like 4 hours clearing off the snow because i really wanted people to use it... then it started sleet/raining so most of the snow will be melted by morning... but whatever.

tomorrow is our service day and i think i will try and go down to the old peoples home and volunteer there. prolly just end up having tea with them and chatting. but that would be cool because i like old people for the most part. and it might be good to pray with them and so i really hope it works out!

well i should go do some reading. i am reading this book called "irresistible revolution" by shane claiborne... i really would suggest it. so far it has been a very interesting read. its all about how we can be radical for jesus... but how more christians should be radical so that radical is just normal!! i love it!

peace people

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shane claiborne is a huge deal here! i read that book last semester...haha it totally seems like you

February 4, 2009 at 5:42 AM

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