Term #2

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First term ended with a bang. My family was able to come up that last week and it was really good to have them here. I got to play tourist for a week and we ran around London pretty much taking pictures next to every statue we cam across. My favorite of the whole time they were here was driving Rob and Sally's car to Stonehenge... there is nothing in this world that can satisfy the desire to drive expect driving itself!!! I also was able to go to Les Miserables and, let me tell you, that show was incredible! the acting is beyond anything i have yet to witness in my life. 

After my family left, i traveled to Birmingham (about 3 hours from here; smack in the middle of the country), where Charl and her family live. They had invited me back to their place for Christmas. It was pretty much the best way i could have celebrated Christmas. Charl's family was too nice. They made me feel just like one of the family and i was soooo blessed to be able to spend that time with them! they gave me my own stocking and mac and cheese (i showed them how to string popcorn and was ridiculed the whole time for it!!)

Right before the New Year I flew to Denmark to visit an old friend, Kristine. This seriously was the highlight of the break for me. Copenhagen was beyond beautiful and just the simple ability to go and ride bikes through the city was fantastic. I was able to get all over and see the famous little mermaid statue, Christiania, eat danish food, go to some fabulous danish parties, eat more danish food, tour Carlsberg Brewery!!! Kristine was an amazing host and did such a good job making sure i got around to all the talked about spots.

It also was amazing to travel to Denmark because it really allowed me, for the first time in 4 months, to just step outside this Christian bubble i had put myself in. I always talk about how much i hate people that live in Christian bubbles and i had not realize how deep of a bubble i had gotten into. My danish friend is not a believer and non of her friends were either. They were never rude to me, but i was told that talking about God just shouldn't happen. I spent a lot of time in prayer that week and God was just totally amazing to me. He busted open my world and my desire for prayer in a way only He can. While i was there, i just realize what life would be like if i didn't live with God in the center. My friends in denmark were totally normal adults, they did fun things, had good laughs, had life goals. But even so, I could just feel how they lived with out any really hope for their future. God also really made me desire after the prayer times i have with my friends here in England. We do morning prayers every morning and to be fair, during first term i really dragged my feet about it. But when i got to denmark and realized what it is like to have to pray every day by yourself, it made me realize what an honor it is to have people to pray with! 

So I got back to England safe and sound and started back to the Second Term of transit on Jan 5th. This term i am bound and determined to have more change happen in me then during first term. First term i was getting my feet wet and in the process letting them drag a lot! i was afraid to really trust God because i didn't want to fully sacrifice to him! That fear is still there, but at least i have named it and can pray against it now. First term the transit program was very structured and planned out for us and now that we are into second term we are allowed to choose a few ministries and start making some decisions for ourselves. That being said i have just spent a week really sacrificing into Gods will. i spent some time fasting, and loads more time praying, to see just really connect with God in his call for my life (both for this term and overall!). Its actually been a really hard week and i wouldn't say i've had any new revelations from God, but i definitely just got more comfy in his presence and was able to express more of who i am through some stuff i wrote and made... so that was really helpful 

One thing that for sure will be different this term is that i will be spending time at this hostel called Ruth House. It is kind of like a shelter/ supported living for single teenage moms and single homeless young adults. It really does a great job providing simple and practical needs for the disadvantaged in our community and i really look forward to helping. I also think i am so interested becauseNumbered List i'm exploring the idea of God calling me to start one of these hostels myself somewhere! It would be totally freaky yet totally wonderful... so we will see! 


from left to right: my sisters, mom and i at the london bridge.
                                me outside the queens theater waiting for our show
                                me in Brimingham at some christingle service.... they gae us these oranges
                                with candles and candy stuck in them! it was funny!


from left to right: me in denmark with some of the best friends ever Kristine and Brit!
                                me and charl on our first retreat of 2nd term... back home in england!

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Lindsay Hernandez  

Tina I'm so glad you updated your blog.... luv reading it!
You should so open a hostel, I see you helping the rest of your life. Good Luck w/ your 2nd term.

January 24, 2009 at 3:39 PM

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