summer in march!

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so the weather here has just been amazing this weeks. lots of sun lots of sun lots of sun! sense i am in England i pretty much have learned that on days where there is sun all must be abandoned in an effort to capture this rare commodity. 

so today being my study day i actually am having a really hard time convincing myself that i should spend any amount of this day doing anything related to work! but i am sure i will buckle down in a moment and realize the importance of a study day!

i had a really fabulous weekend, hanging out with my friends and just having a laugh. we've started prayer walking the town on Friday nights and we have set up a prayer space in our garage. so far it has gone very well. loads of the kids from town have stopped by asking questions about what does it mean to pray, letting us pray for them, and asking hard questions about what the bibles is about and why it is important. I love the those nights because the kids are just in their element, so i think they feel way more comfortable to ask questions and explore. we also are challenging ourselves to be more intentional and really do what we keep saying we are doing (pray!). it is hard because i don't always naturally think "can i pray for you?" but i do pray for most of these kids during the week and the power of prayer is amazing!

i also am in love with this week because it is three of my friends birthdays here we we have party stuff planned for like the whole week. Last night we went to the pub for two of the girls birthdays and just has such a laugh. there was about 12 of us and we just over took this part of the pub and were laughing and singing and telling jokes and stories... it was beautiful! ha ha it also was st Patrick's day so there was another group of girls in the pub, i think celebrating that, and they were hilarious! they were drinking way to much and kept getting up and doing these dances... a few from our group kept teasing to do play rock, paper, scissors and the looser would have to join these girls... but right in the moment of having to actually play we would chicken out because the cost of playing would be quite high! it was really fun!

well i best be off! love and peace!

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