They call me Buddha!

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So last week we (the Stanford boiler house community) had the pleasure of hosting the 24-7 Prayer interns (aka the Wild Geese). Two wonderful girls named Catie and Mandy came for 4 glorious days. Helping host them was an amazing time of just organize and planning and taking care of business (which i absolutely loved getting behind). We had amazing times of just being able to hang out and share stories about God with each other and one day we were able to spend a serious amount of time praying about our futures... which by the way now seems as good of time as any to share a smidge of my future plans. 

So my year out officially ends on July 3rd and I have decided to run with the idea of coming back and living (for real this time) in this prayer community. Being a transit student has been absolutely amazing and hard and horrible and so rewarding. I have enjoyed digging into the nitty gritty of life here, but the fact is that what i have been living has been some weird-sub-mutated form of living. It has been so cool to just live with the whole idea and drive of 24-7 Prayer ministry... but i know that full time ministry (in that way) is only for a season. So i toyed around with the idea of coming back, prayed about it, talked to some of the leaders here and decided that it would be worth a go. 

It actually will be quite challenging getting a visa to get back into the country. there is a large likelihood that i will go through loads of work and then be denied access to the country... which would be fine because even though i would be crushed, from past experiences with God, those moments of being completely thrown off balance have really paid off into getting me where he wants me! so tho there is a small amount of fear in thinking that i have no idea really for sure if i will be back in sept. the one thing i know for sure God wants me to do is to come back and spend the summer in America!!! 

I am well excited to touch American soil again and so excited to be able to spend the 4th of july in the good ol' U.S .of A! I have missed my family loads and feel totally honored and blessed that God would allow me the opportunity to see them.  i also am looking forward to spending time with First Baptist Church and sharing with them the experience and learning that i have been through! God is awesome! Plus we all know this summer is going to rock and roll having the opportunity to hang out with my old crew (damn girls have i missed you all!!! PARTY!!!! oh yes we will! wink wink!) 

This weekend i went through loads of emotions as i was working through actually listening to God... (thanks to good friends who were willing to listen to my mad rantings and extremely long facebook messages (wink!) and even more thanks to God for patiently waiting!!) my emotions have settled down and God really has given me such peace about this decision to come to America for a season. I have no idea if my plans for fall will work out! I can only hope... but being in a place of hope is always safe with God!

Funny story: so Charl, the girl, i live with and i were walking back from our morning prayer slot yesterday and she loves to just pick on me by try to be irritating. This morning it was actually working so i was getting a little huffy with her. So, i started storming off down the street. she was laughing and yelled what i thought sounded like "alright why don't you just run like Buddha"! i was mortified. Buddha!?!? why did she think i look like a small man, that wears only some pathetic loin cloth, and that has a large floppy belly that people rub?!?!?! i turned around at her and yelled "BUDDHA!!! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!" she tried to defend herself by saying she didn't say that..  and was laughing to much to make me believe anything she was saying. so i just stormed off... all was slightly forgotten (tho every now and again i would remember and would grumble under my breath "Buddha rrrrr") but then the next day we had this huge meeting of all the leaders of the prayer house and we all got together to eat lunch together and just chillax... and supposedly the drama that we had... happened at such a loud leave that one of the neighbors (who also happen to be one of the head leaders of the Boiler House) heard the whole thing... so they ended up telling everyone that Charl calls me "Buddha"... it was sooo embarrassing! who wants to be know as the Buddha of the group! i was so mad a charl... and she just kept laughing!! ha ha! good thing this year i have learned about turning the other cheek! shheezzz!

love and kisses! 6 more weeks of england and then America beware!!

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