Pink Flamingo!

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so thursday i spent the day in woodbridge helping a church there, St. Johns, set up a prayer space for this conference they are having there. its the first time they have adventured into the idea of exploring prayer in different ways, so it was really exciting to go there and help them dream into all the different ways God wants to build relationships with us! We had decided on doing this one prayer space as a big cut out of a tree (3D). we asked our good friend simeon (the local tools man here!) to help us cut out this funky tree that slots together. We then painted it white! (it looked freaking cool and reminded me loads of something Kate Nash would spend a whole song singing about... well as long she fell madly in love with her soul mate near it!! ha ha). so when we rocked up to this church, we are all getting ready to set up our tree, and we discover the logo of this church is the spitting image of the tree we just made! We all were so wowed and really realized that God so wanted us to be involved in setting up this prayer space. For me it really pushed me to give my all to the work that God called me to do.. and Thursday it was this prayer space! it was good!

we stayed the night in woodbridge at this amazing little bed and breakfast (talk about being spoiled!) then rolled home by the afternoon. I then spent the entire afternoon trying to convert these random video files and got so frustrated by my stupidity... it was ridiculous. the only thing that kept my chin up was the fact that that night one of the girls here hannah, was having her 16th birthday party. It was fancy dress (so costumes were a must!) i spent about 45 min getting ready as a pink flamingo! it was hilarious. I found this random pink outfit at one of the charity shots then bought pink hair dye and body paint and just went to town pinkafying myself!! it was great... it looked like a had jumped into a giant tub of pepto bismal! it was priceless! we had loads of fun at the party dancing and laughing and singing out lungs out! 

i have a fairly normal chillaxing day and leave tonight for a weekend camping at this church conference called "The Big Church Day Out". i am so excited to go camping because lets be honest... camping is like my fav! so hannah and i will have quite a fun time driving down there... eee as long as we can find it... which i am sure we will! eeee


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