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so i've been living in this 24-7 prayer community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.... learning loads of things like how to say meeennahhhhsoootahhh, how to be super artsy, and how to make coffee on one of the most complicated coffee makers... EVER!!

it has been well cool rocking up here. there is a group of girls from the state of georgia here and they crack me up because they think i sound super english and keep asking me... yes me... to teach them how to speak with a british accent (i think the entire island of britain would shudder at my attempts... but they don't know the difference... so life keeps on a'spinnin').

but seriously the boiler house here is intense. they are well into art and dance and music and they go crazy over everyones ability to express themselves. one of the first days i was here i was praying for God to just use this time to do what needs to be done. i felt like was being pulled a million directions. my family back in illinois, my friends in chicago, my new home to be in seattle, my lovelies from england and then this random calling in minneapolis... i just was like "dude God could you be anymore everywhere". and plugging into him is well easy, but who am i in these place!? so during this morning prayer god just really was like "come on girl... this is a modern time and i've well equipped you in this time to lead and support and gather".

i got so excited because i'm sitting here in minnesota hearing about my peeps in kosova rocking it up with prayer rooms, i being blown away by the strong and faithful in sycamore/dekalb, illinois just digging into raw worship times with our God, i'm getting all involved in minneapolis with the holy saints here loving God through art, i'm hanging on the words of my good friend sarah who is tearing it up in Kenya... and through out it all there is this firm foundation of all the experience and friendships i had in Essex, England and Gods like "come on tina... use it all to worship me". I'm buzzing off the high my friends and family are having with the holy spirit and am sooo eager to take a hit as well!

I literally ran out of the house i was staying in and called one of my girl friends, Ruth, in illinois and was like "ahhhhhhh can we pray about living in this vision of gathering... prayer, art, space, and worhsip". Ruth, who was currently on a mission trip to s. dakota was all "this is sooo God and sooo yes!" i'm well excited to just spend some time gathering the life experience and the stories of God and then spending a night just celebrating it! God wants us to be spurred on by what he is doing and that happens when we as the body of christ push each other to be all that we can in Christ!!

So a big thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ for fighting the good fight and digging into what God has called you to because it is completely impacting the world in more ways than you know! Keep it real!

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