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who would imagine i was this girl?

So, Sunday more i clammered out of bed trying to be on time, but failing desperately. For about a half hour i just keep rushing around trying to make life fit into the control of the kitchen microwave clock, but... its a lost battle. Defeated, i figure i better find a better way to make the most of this day. So i just waltz up to my room and decide to start the day the way I shoulda with God. Caught up in the moment i just can't help but praying for everyone I love and the journey that God is taking them on... spilling out my heart to him and my concern for my friends and family, time again gets away from me but this time i don't care... as i finished, i just felt so refreshed to be reminded that i'm not alone (how often i have to be reminded of that!). God also placed on my heart an urgency to meet up with this girl that i knew from my old university town.

So, I end up heading to my old university town to see if i can find this girl. Now i've been praying for my friends, and my old town the whole time i was in England, so it was bit surreal to trot in there and be face to face with that physical reality. It made me feel really small. But at the same time so good because this place i left just has an intense pulse for God that just rattles me. It makes me so thirsty for God and yet quenches me in a way i can't describe.

I end up reaching this girl that i needed to talk to and make a plan for meeting up with her later that afternoon. See, during my morning prayer, God really confirmed to me that i had to meet up with this girl today... I knew it was because i had to tell her something, but God wouldn't tell me what it is that i had to tell her. It is weird being a messenger, that lacks the message. She kept asking what exactly we were meeting up to do... I just said i wanted to pray with her... cuz dude i haven't seen this girl in like a year and didn't want to freak her out too bad.

But the reality is, the closer i get to meeting up with this girl the more intense the need to meet her was... but it was confusing as well because I still had no clue what I was suppose to say to her. I kept asking God "yeah, i know you want me to meet up with her, i am... so can you please let me in on what I am suppose to say to her?" But nothing... just silence and now I am minutes away from meeting up with this girl.

What follows can only be described as the masterful plan of our amazing God. As we are sitting there, in our designated meeting spot, I am completely astounded and honored to join the journey of this sister in Christ as she recounts her involvement in God's story. The buzz of what she has been through and how God has stirred her heart is intense and beautiful. Inwardly i'm shaking my head, because as this girl is pouring out her desire to dig into the ministry God has put on her life in my old university town, i'm hearing her spill out phrases and words that dripped from my lips this whole year i've been petitioning for this town to God.

And then, i know why i was brought here. For this time, for this place, for this girl, for this battle. God wanted me to anoint this girl and her ministry. Just like Samuel anointed King David in preparation for a life dedicated to God's Cause, God wanted me to pray the prayer of anointing, leadership, and blessing over this girl. I was shaking so violently on the inside and my eyes got as big as saucers... me??? this girl!?!?

and I knew... it was time to not be afraid anymore. That i had to be for Christ, so she could be for Christ, so that other people could come to be in Christ as well.

As i stood over this girl and spoke God's living plan into her life... the electricity of the moment jump started my passion for how God knows the plans He has in store for us... they are plans to prosper us and not to harm us! Being involved in that simple and completely powerful commissioning, was extreme. Just two girls, one in cut of shorts, both bare foot, sitting in a parking lots, with bugs crawling on our legs, and the vision of God unfolded right, flipping there in front of us. Never have the words that came out of my mouth sounded so powerful or so alive. The heaviness of that moment has imprinted itself on my heart and as we stood in our simple surrounding, I just heard the army of heaven yell "Come On"! As we left that soft grass spot, we no longer walked away two simply summer clad girls, but Warrior Brides; fully dressed for battle, commissioned, and equipped to lead for Christ!

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