wind in my hair!

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can i just say that one of my most favorite things about being back in america is driving! And not just any kind of driving, but the old ghetto character driving. I rocked up to my parents house where they kindly let me stay this summer (big kiss) AND they gave me the keys to my very own ghetto-gas guzzling Ford Explore! can i get a woop woop!?!?

so yesterday i had to be famous in Dekalb... took my new party machine and rolled over there. Little in life compares to having the freedom of controlling my very own death defying act! Remember that movie "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken"?... i love that movie... there is this character in that movie Cliff... a young guy that is always searching for his very own "Death Defying Act". He has such satisfaction on his face when he shows the main character, Senora, how he defies death. Yeah that was the look on my face as i flew down Route 38. Windows down, the broken radio forever to be left on loud, no right indicator, shakes like hell if i go over 60 (and you know i can't keep her under 65!) and the ever comfort of the red "check engine" light!

It was amazing. As i flew down the road, it was just so comfortable. i didn't have to think of where i was going, or how traffic flows, or how to actually reach my end destination... i just knew. To top it off, there is no place like home, when i can jam out to Ninty-Seven Zee O.K. radio... my favs like Rob Thomas, Beyonce, Pink, and Jaimee Fox... Zippin past loads of space, corn field after corn field, huge houses sporting big flowing american flags, taco bells on my right and on my left, big ass American TRUCKS... i just smiled and soaked in the pleasure of a perfect midwestern summer day.

Driving down that road... owning a bit of that space... it felt good to be me again. Good to have that control, but the best of all, just having the wind in my hair and belting out out "Halo" by Beyonce! Nothing beats singing in the car... Freedom in her purest form!

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