with wal-mart and grandma... you can't go wrong!

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so today i was bound and determined to get a mobile phone... a nice one! i headed out on my quest with my trusty purse, reliable flair, and dead on determination. we rock up to the Verizon store... pretty confident in my abilities to wheel and deal. the customer service lady, Lauren, seems nice enough. she lets me know what packages they offer and answers a few questions i had about international calls and texting. Before i know it, anticipation and excitement are buzzing on my lips as they spill out my next question, "so what free phone options do i get with this plan?"

then the blowing ball drops. "we don't do free phones with our plans" WHAT!?!? WHAT!!!?!? is this not America, are we not consumers, do we not understand customer service and the draw of incentives!?!?! i was so flabbergasted i couldn't speak! I mean in my day when you signed up for a new phone contract they would friggin pellet you with millions of free phone options. but (sarcastic sigh) not today! she then had the nerve to show me the worst line of phones ever, they were seriously going to cost me an arm and a leg. And!!! and then being completely lacking of all my appendages, they had the nerve to require me to jump through about 10 burning hoops to get the smallest fraction of money back in lame rebates! Not only completely rude but highly impossible! the line, any decent consumer would have drawn, had blatantly been crossed.

stumbling out of the store wounded and phoneless, i went to the most obvious source of any American satisfaction, Wal Mart. As i staggered through the store hope slowly began to rise... maybe it was the eye squinting florescent lights or the obviously over stocked bright yellow plastic cups or the ever jammed center isle, but something settled right in my soul. I found the phone section and was pleased to see that indeed there was justice in this cruel world. Not only were the same phones cheaper, they also were not attached to some "let me sever your arms and legs off and force you to jump through burning hoops" rebates. They also were having a sale! and the same phone that was going to cost me $60 dollars, was $8.88!!! (blow out sale!) nice! I talked to the wal mart man, asked some questions, filled out paper work, and settled for the ever cheap insurance.

Ringing up my bill it was announce loud and clear (and with a bit of pride) that my total rang up to $9.48 (with federal tax). with a smile of pleasure i opened my wallet only to be reminded that i had just recently found a wal- mart gift card given to me by my grandma 2 christmases ago! i handed it over to have the amount checked... oh how the heavens rejoice!! not only did i have enough to pay for my phone, but i rocked out of there with .52 cents to spare. i walked out of that wal-mart the proudest new owner of an Envy Verizon phone!

so a big thank you 1st to wal-mart for keepin it real and 2nd to my grandma for supporting my reality!


tina proverb #1 those that shop for verizon phones at verizon shops will soon come face to face with loss... its not the place to shop!

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