oopps my bad!!!

Posted by Teen Bean

my real new address is this one....

5520 108th Ave NE
mailbox # 172
Kirkland, Wa

sorry there was a little mix up in addresses... there is a sign in our apt that has our apt address on it... but that is only for when we call 911... no mail is delivered to our physical address... it all goes to the school mail building which is listed above and we collect it from our little box!

so, if in the random event, you did send me some mail already... don't worry it should still make it to me.. because they should recognize that i obviously live on campus and they might take it to the mail building... but if they don't you might get it returned to you in the mail. if that is the case... just resend it to this address and i promise this time i will get it!

*side note: completely unrelated to mail... today, by far, has been one of the best days ever! its good to be alive!

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