i found it!!!!!!

Posted by Teen Bean

I found the thrift stores.... they are totally on the complete opposite side of town... but never in my whole life have i been soooo happy to find discount item and second hand goodies! there tucked away in a very hard to get into parking lot... was an entire section of them... Evergreen East Care Thrift... Fabule$$... Value City... i was in my element.... so many things i needed and so many things got... with out breaking the 50 buck mark! i'm telling you... it was pure bliss.

then i made my way over to target (ching da la ching!) they had the fairy lights i needed ... and bam homeward bound... i feel so successful today! I even made myself a full dinner... spaghetti and garlic bread... yumo...

and now i going to take a hot bath... listen to my iron and win selection (wishing i could have a glass of wine), lite a good smelly candle, and completely relax... in the atmosphere of life and living well!

live on thrift stores, live on!

top buys of the adventure: two pairs of earrings for $1.50 (total), a hair dryer for $4, a roll of paper for $2.50, and decorative lace curtain for my prayer space... all in all it rocked my world... i might go back again tomorrow... who knows what i could find... plus one of the stores started to close and they kicked me out.. and there was still a whole other section to browse...

did i mention i love thrift stores!?!?

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