Prayer Room: East Seattle Style!

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So i'm not sure how it all happened... which is a good sign to show it was so God... a couple weeks back i had gotten together with one of my classmates, Jenny Lawrence, at a coffee shop and we were talking about our Social Justice class and Wolterstorff and how annoyed i was with him (not that he isn't genius, but seriously!!? should people really spend their lives just sitting around thinking.. shouldn't we be doing!?!?) and then we got to talking about how we really wouldn't be doing Wolterstorff justice if we didn't do something with the hard work he put into thinking (lets be honest- i could never think that hard, but i can do something in the world with the knowledge he unlocked for me)

so i got to praying and thinking and decided a night of prayer would be good. at first i simply was like "ahh i just want to set aside a chunk of a night to pray", like two hours or something... i thought if other people want to join they totally can. So it was simple i just let a few people know and then casually let it go.

Wow you can learn a lot from letting go and letting God. Through out the next couple of weeks God just kept inspiring these different prayer space ideas. One from a deep conversation with another classmate Alexis Miller, were we hashed out this idea of Social Justice and the Third Way (Not Violent and Not Ignoring the issue, but do as Jesus did and approach life the Third Way) we also talked loads of where we get our self worth from... who assigns that!?!?

The last min... i don't even why... i found myself printing off a list of 12 prayer slots and taking it with me to class... then the craziest thing happened... people got behind the idea... these incredibly smart, busy, involved people were like "we will come and pray" i was blown away by their faith! I left class that night with a majority of the prayer slots filled but quite a few gapping spaces (but secretly that made me glad, cuz i was like sweet now i can pray pray!).

ahhhhh! Then friday night came and how the saints marched in! it was phenomenal... not only did more people then sign up come... but they all got so involved. Some people had never been in a prayer room before -well as decked out the way it was and interactive.

I got the opportunity to pray with and over some phenomenal saints. Every time i entered the space and asked how it went... the responses were so different, but each one so personal... from a girl being blown away that she just spent 2 hours praying (when she pretty much had convinced herself she had no brevity in prayer), to another being astounded by the heaviness of the holy spirit, to another being confirmed in Gods calling to be more involved in prayer, to another being commissioned into ministry... the God action was thick and so electric.

Before i knew it all the slots were being filled as these faithful prayer warriors rallied long through the night.... and people just would move their prayer session from the prayer room out to the living room where coffee, cheese dip, and cookies fueled on deep and God fill conversations, that seriously have added so much to my learning experience.

scheduled to stop at 7am with an amazing cooked breakfast by my fav Jonny (bro you make a mean french toast!!)... i wasn't surprised in the least that there was a knock at the door and one of my classmates, Daniella, came in to extend out 12 hours of prayer to 13... it was a beautiful thing!

The lessons we learned this semester, made into the hands and feet of jesus, and how they did move this night!

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