Fasting Friday!

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So a couple days ago i was sitting in my closet... which i have tenderly turned into a prayer room... or prayer closet! i waas thinking about life and where i want to be... i think loads of my first semester in graduate school was to teach me to let go of my plans and be cool with what God has planned... (wow still totally needing to remember this... daily!)

but that beings said its weird to be here in my future... but now it is just my present... how does this keep happening? But there are a few things desperately pressing on my heart... so for that reason i have decided to spend the month of january fasting once a week. I figured Fridays would be good because first "Fasting Friday" sounds good... and also because its one of my favorite nights to go out... get dinner and have drinks... so giving it up will obviously show God how serious i am (ha ha! but really it about giving our best isnt it!)

The following topics are what i will desperately be hungering after

1. A vision for my thesis topic. I know i want it to incoperate boiler house/emergent church/ missional communities, but i am struggling to make a statement that is about this lifestyle that will be meaty enough to write a whole thesis on.

2. Clear direction in choosing a Practicum site. I have to partner with an organization that will let me learn from them, as well as do research for my thesis topic. I am really wanting to partner with a possible missional community that is just starting in Europe somewhere, but i haven't heard a clear clear calling yet.

3. Starting a prayer community/missional community/ mini boiler house project here in seattle in March 2010. A couple months back i really felt like God was giving me a green light on doing a very experimental 6 month community living/ prayer community/ discipleship project. I hesitate to say "start a prayer community" because i don't see it as something that will go on for much longer then 6 months (possibly a year!?!), but i just imagine a group of people who are very intentional about living out the raw christ, living together and encouraging each other to love God more, love each other more, and love the world more!

4. The future and building my relationship with Steve and know when its ok for us to be about each other and how in hell we are going to be about each other and what the freak we are suppose to do...

so o here is to the start of a new year... completely in a place, position, and relationships that this time last year i had no idea i would be about... cheers.. and if only this year goes half as well as last year... i'll be spot on!

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