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half of the wealth is held by only 2% of the world's adults

two thirds of the planet lives in poverty
the three richest persons have more assets than the combined GNP (Gross National Product) of the poorest forty-eight nations, a quarter of the world countries.

Poorer countries now spend as much as $13 in debt repayment for every one dollar they receive in new loans..

The United States and Europe spent nearly 90% as much on luxury items as the amount of money that would be needed to provide safe drinking water and basic sanitation for those in our global village who do not have these necessities now.

In 2004 a tsunami in the Indian Ocean left 300,000 dead... Every Hour more than 1,200 children die of preventable diseases, which is equivalent to three tsunamis each month.

For one days military spending, we could virtually eliminate malaria in Africa.

If the world as we know it today was proportionally reduced to a village of 100 people, 51 would be male, 49 would be female; 60 would be Asian, 14 African, 11 European, 14 American, and 1 Australian or New Zealander. From a faith perspective, 33 would be christian, 20 muslim, 14 atheist, agnostic, or nonrelitgious, 13 hindu, 13 from other religions, 6 Buddhist, and 1 Jewish. Fifty would not have reliable sources of food and are hungry some or all the time, and 30 suffer malnutrition. Thirty- one do not have electricity, 18 are unable to read, 15 do not have access to safe drinking water. Only 16 people have access to the internet. only 12 own an automobile. And only two have college educations. 48 struggle to live on two dollars or less....

Statistic from "Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice" Daniel G. Groody.

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